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What Industries Are Using Fleet Data to Improve Operations?

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There are many tools that fleet managers use to maximize fleet operations, but very few of these tools are as universally beneficial across the board as fleet data. Fleet management data can be applied to all aspects of operating a fleet, from dispatching to maintenance to finances and everything in between. When you use fleet data correctly, you can use it for all kinds of benefits. All industries use fleet data, no matter what they do, and in this article, we will discuss what those fleets do with their fleet data and the benefits they enjoy. 


Construction fleets use their fleet data to oversee their crew members and heavy equipment confidently. General fleet tracking and asset trackers are beneficial to construction fleets because they operate on many different job sites. When the day or month is done, they can see how much time their vehicles or workers spent on each job site to determine where they are using their resources. They can even see how much fuel they are using. This information helps them decide how to use their resources in the future. 


When it comes to landscaping fleets, they use their fleet data to promote growth for their business by taking advantage of increased visibility and reporting. Like construction businesses, landscaping businesses have expensive vehicles and tools that they need to track. Asset tracking is an advantage for them as well. They also need to ensure that they can get maintenance on these tools and vehicles. With fleet data, they can track issues with their equipment and determine what patterns are regularly occurring. This makes it easier to prevent problems before they occur and save money on expensive repairs. 


We’ve all had a plumbing emergency, and we know how critical it can be to get a plumber out to a location quickly and efficiently. Not to mention, plumbers have lots of customers to assist all of the time. With fleet data, plumbers aim to simplify their logistics with increased visibility and faster dispatching. They can easily track patterns in their dispatching times and inefficiencies in their process. When you know what you’re doing wrong, it’s far easier to correct the problem. Plumbing businesses can easily maximize their efficiency with fleet data and help more customers than ever. 


Towing uses more technology than you might think. With telematics and dashcams, they can maintain the safety of their operators and the vehicles they tow. Telematics data is critical to many fleets, but towing companies can use it to ensure their vehicles are safe to tow large loads, including multiple vehicles. After all, if something goes wrong with a towing vehicle, it can be disastrous both financially and safety-wise. Compiling dashcam data also ensures fleet managers know what happens with the tow truck, implementing another safeguard. Tow trucks have a lot of responsibility, so these safety measures using fleet data are critical to these businesses. 

Types of Fleet Data

There are all kinds of fleet data that you can gather for your fleet. You’ll be surprised at the variety that you can obtain. 

  • Location: Of course, fleet data can tell you where your vehicles are and where they have been. This feature is useful for tools like route optimization and geofencing
  • Driver Safety: Telematics can track information like speeding, rapid acceleration, distraction, drowsiness, and more. You can use this information to coach drivers or for rewards programs
  • Maintenance: Telematics can also track a vehicle’s status, such as when a part needs care or even when it has engine trouble. With this information, you can avoid breakdowns or expensive repairs. 
  • Inspection Results: You should always perform Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs). Now that these can be logged directly into fleet management software, they can be organized into detailed reports that show common problems and patterns.
  • Asset Tracking: We’ve mentioned the benefits of asset tracking throughout this article. GPS-based asset tracking prevents your vehicles from being stolen or improperly used. 
  • Fuel Usage: You can track fuel usage trends and find ways to cut down or spend less at different locations. 

Get the Best of Fleet Data

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