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How to Improve Your Fleet Dispatch

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Dispatching can be one of a fleet manager’s most significant challenges. This is no surprise, as so many moving parts are involved, such as drivers, customers, inventory, and even elements that feel out of your control, like traffic and supply chain delays. Luckily, there are always ways to improve your fleet dispatch, so you don’t have to feel stuck doing a tedious, difficult job that feels impossible. Let’s go over some tips to get you through challenges and technology that will help you along the way. 

Fleet Dispatching Tips

1. Know the Basics.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; you need to know the fundamentals of your workers’ jobs. For example, a plumbing dispatcher needs to know how many people and hours to assign for a toilet replacement versus fixing a leaky faucet. You must also know what equipment is necessary. Otherwise, you might assign equipment to the wrong job. This is why many businesses hire dispatchers who have previously worked in the field, as industry knowledge is necessary for dispatching the right people with the right skills and equipment. 

2. Communicate Clearly and Effectively. 

We’ve all heard that communication is key, but it’s particularly crucial for dispatchers. A dispatcher must follow up with workers to ensure everything is going smoothly and create a relationship where technicians can raise any concerns or issues without fear of retaliation or stress. When technicians and dispatchers communicate effectively with regular check-ins, there is unlikely to be a communication error that causes delays or hindrances later down the line. 

3. Be Understanding. 

Being calm and understanding is necessary in a dispatcher’s line of work. Technicians and drivers have hard jobs, and there will often be times when they can’t come in or run into an unexpected delay. During these times, it’s crucial to remember that they are human and be understanding and empathetic. Workers are happier when their supervisors display understanding, and it will cultivate the positive relationship that you need to communicate with them effectively. 

4. Plan Ahead.

Planning is always beneficial, especially for drivers and dispatchers. Early planning lets dispatchers know ahead of time who they will need on a given day and provides time to make adjustments should anything come up in the meantime. Plan routes and jobs early, and assign equipment and workers as soon as possible to ensure everything runs smoothly when it comes time to get to work. 

5. Embrace Technology. 

Fleet management software is a dispatcher’s best friend. Now, dispatchers can do everything they need right from their smartphone or computer screen, such as tracking drivers, assigning jobs, and even automatically planning routes, all from one easy-to-use software. Managing everything by hand is impossible, but dispatching becomes more streamlined and easier than ever with fleet management software. 

Features of Fleet Dispatch Software

We mentioned that fleet management software is beneficial for dispatching. Let’s go over the specific features below. 

  • Manage jobs more efficiently. It’s simple to attach that lead tech to any job you need. Organize jobs even further based on their status, whether they’re one-time, recurring, multi-day, or based on urgency. When workers have completed a job, they can mark the job as finished on their end.
  • Improve Communication. Use your dispatch software to input the job you want your technicians to handle. Your technicians access it from their phones or tablets and know what to do. When done, they can mark it complete and view their next job immediately.
  • Boost Customer Service. With GPS tracking, you can implement route optimization software, which gets your technicians to their destinations quickly and efficiently. Your customers will no longer have to wait on late technicians. Also, dispatch software allows you to assign technicians to customers they already know, building an improved relationship with your business.

Invest in the Best Dispatch Software

Azuga offers state-of-the-art dispatch software that will immediately simplify your business’s dispatching process. These benefits will improve your fleet’s daily operations, boost customer service, and maximize productivity among your workers. With these features, you can bring your fleet to its maximum potential, allowing you to focus on making important decisions to help the business grow and thrive. Find out everything you can do with dispatch software by trying out a free demo today. You’re certain to be impressed with the improvements.