GPS Fleet Tracking

How to Track Fleet Vehicles

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All kinds of fleets are using fleet tracking these days to keep up with their vehicles and their business needs. Fleet tracking covers many fleet management aspects, from safety to maintenance and everything in between, so it is a crucial tool for any manager. If you’re not using fleet tracking software correctly, however, you may not be enjoying its full advantages. Let’s go over how to track fleet vehicles in this article. 

How Does Fleet Tracking Work? 

GPS fleet tracking tracks vehicles, assets, and drivers using software and hardware that captures essential data regarding locations and diagnostics. The tracking technology gathers this data and sends it back to your main office, where you can view it on your dashboard as a map or as reports on your vehicles’ status. GPS tracking allows you to track, locate, and monitor your fleet vehicles in real-time. 

A GPS tracking system connects at three points: 

  1. The vehicle’s engine computer unit
  2. GPS satellites
  3. The internet

Then you can access any data you need using a web browser or mobile app. In many cases, these devices are easy to install. Azuga’s device can be installed in less than 20 seconds by plugging it into the OBD port. 

How to Utilize Fleet Tracking Software

Improve Reputation and Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is crucial for any business, so you’ll need to use fleet tracking to ensure you always meet your customers’ needs. GPS tracking means you’ll always know where your drivers are and can dispatch them effectively. This means you’ll be able to get them to their destinations on time and better satisfy your customers. Tracking vehicle health with fleet tracking also prevents breakdowns and accidents that could damage your fleet’s reputation. Fleet tracking works in various ways to improve your business’s reputation in the community. 

Save Money

All businesses are looking to save money right now, with operating costs being so high. However, cutting costs means nothing if you sacrifice the quality of your operations. Fuel is one of the greatest costs of the fleet business, and fleet tracking allows for route optimization, one feature of fleet tracking that significantly improves your fuel efficiency. Route optimization uses algorithms and machine learning to get you to your destination in the most efficient way possible, saving you money on fuel costs that would otherwise hinder your business. With route optimization, you also ensure you have the right number of vehicles on the road, avoiding wasted resources. 

Utilize Detailed Reports

Fleet tracking helps you keep detailed records of everything regarding your fleet. This includes reports on safety, maintenance, spending, fuel usage, driver behavior, and more. Equipped with this data, you can make critical decisions regarding your fleet’s success and ensure that your business can thrive in all aspects of its operation. 

Start Tracking Today! 

If you’re not tracking your fleet with GPS, you may be at a significant disadvantage, and now you can see the many benefits of fleet tracking. Azuga offers state-of-the-art fleet tracking technology that works with real-time accuracy. Schedule a demo with one of our experts and check out what we can do together.