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How Geofencing Sets Up Fleets for Optimal Efficiency

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Geofencing is one of the most useful tools available to fleets today. It is a tool that allows managers to set up a virtual perimeter around a particular area and alerts them when a vehicle or asset travels outside of that area. Most fleets are using this feature to at least some degree. Fleet managers can use it to keep drivers on task, keep drivers and assets safe, and streamline daily operations. There are many uses of geofencing that your fleet might not even be using. If used correctly, geofencing can assist in almost every aspect of fleet management. We will show you how to set up geofencing so you can get the most out of it. 

Improve Driver Safety

Driver safety is any fleet manager’s number one goal. Geofencing alerts you immediately when a driver exits the area where they should be, so you can check on them to see what might be wrong. Fleet drivers are on the road for hundreds of hours a month, putting them at higher risk for accidents, carjackings, and breakdowns. If you get an alert that your driver is not in their expected area, you can provide assistance immediately. If the authorities are needed, you can tell them exactly where the vehicle is so they can track your driver down. 

Improve Customer Service

Geofencing allows you to set up delivery notifications and automatic reports. It’s easy for you to tell if a delivery or driver will be late to their destination, and alert the customer as soon as possible, so they know what’s going on. Consistent communication with customers is key in keeping them happy, so it’s a significant advantage that geofencing gives you all the information you need to keep them up to date. 

Recover Stolen Assets

Your business needs its vehicles and assets to function. Theft is a significant problem among many fleets, but geofencing helps circumvent this problem. Geofencing alerts you when a vehicle exits its set territory. From there, you can contact the authorities and let them know exactly where your vehicle is in real-time. It significantly increases the likelihood of vehicle recovery. Geofencing is an essential feature when it comes to preventing theft. It saves your business money on replacing assets and vehicles and keeps thieves off the streets. 

Decrease Downtime

Fleet tracking can give you detailed data on what your vehicle is doing at any given time. Most importantly, it can tell you if your vehicle is idling or wasting a large portion of time that it should be working. If you find that your vehicles are idling more than expected, you can assign them to different areas or increase your workload to account for the downtime. This is a very useful feature to keep fleets effective and productive. 

Prevents Overlapping Territories

Many fleets have vehicles assigned to certain territories that cannot overlap. These might include salespeople you don’t want poaching from other team members or deliveries that should only come from their closest warehouse. Keeping your drivers in their designated territories prevents any friction between team members and ensures everyone can do their jobs effectively. It’s a very important element for sales teams specifically. 

Take Advantage of Geofencing Today!

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