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How to Maintain Fleet Vehicles in Light of Rising Costs

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In our last article, “Why Are Auto Repair Costs Rising,” we discussed why maintenance costs have increased for the plast few years. Now that we have established the reasons behind the problem, we can begin to find a solution. At the end of that article, we brought up Azuga’s fleet management software to solve the problem. This software comes with a feature called scheduled maintenance alerts. Let’s discuss how this feature can help you save money in several ways. 

Azuga Supports Your Fleet Maintenance Plan

If you don’t have a fleet maintenance plan for your fleet, don’t worry. We have a comprehensive guide that will walk you through setting one up. Check out our blog entry: “How to Set Up a Fleet Maintenance Plan & Checklist.”

When establishing your policy and setting up scheduling in step three, you’ll need to set the frequency of maintenance on your vehicles. At this point, you can set up maintenance alerts through your scheduled maintenance software. This way, you won’t manually have to track when it’s time for each vehicle to go in. We’ll keep track of everything for you, and give you the heads- up you need to stay on top of your preventative maintenance.

Part of creating a fleet maintenance plan involves digitizing your data and checklists. The software tracks the maintenance done on your vehicles and stores that data, which you can access at any time in the form of easily-digestible reports. 

This is where you can start saving money. If you see parts that need repairs repeatedly, or specific issues come up over and over again, that's a red flag. You can dig deeper and determine if driver behavior is causing the problem. By getting to the root of the issue, you can save your business money by eliminating the repeated need for repair.

Other Cost-Saving Azuga Technologies

Our scheduled maintenance software directly saves you money on maintenance. However, our other software solutions can cut down on your maintenance costs as well. 

GPS Tracking Software: Our GPS tracking software can, of course, track location. However, it can also track driver behavior. This means it can catch behaviors that may be hard on your vehicle, like harsh braking, hard cornering, and idling. We discussed addressing driver behavior in the last section; this is how to get to the root of your problems.

Route Planning Software: Reducing the mileage on your vehicles is a sure-fire way to reduce wear and tear.

  • One way to accomplish this is by implementing route planning software. This technology uses machine learning, algorithms, and historical data to get your drivers to their destinations as efficiently as possible. It accounts for everything you can think of, including weather and unexpected delays like construction. 

Learn More About Azuga and Saving on Maintenance

We aim to help you accomplish your fleet goals, no matter what they are. We know that fleet maintenance is a considerable cost for fleets– that’s why we’ve written so much on it in the past. Check out these related articles that dive more into the subject: 

Our comprehensive fleet management solution, including our scheduled maintenance alerts, supports you in creating a robust fleet maintenance plan. Discuss your maintenance goals with a fleet expert today by scheduling a demo.