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How Search and Rescue Teams Benefit from Tracking Software

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There are so many uses of GPS tracking that people don’t think of every day. From the military to geocaching, we use GPS for a wide variety of activities, both serious and fun. It’s hard for one person to think of all of the possible uses of GPS technology, and new ones are cropping up all the time. Of course, the most important benefits of GPS technology are the life-saving ones, and there are many of those as well. One of those uses is in search and rescue missions. More people than ever have a GPS device right in their pockets, and if they have location enabled, they are safer than ever when they run into a dangerous situation. Find out how search and rescue teams have used GPS and fleet tracking software to find people in need. 

Finding Hikers

Many hikers equip themselves with GPS devices because they know that anything can happen when they go out on the trail. A working GPS device is equally as important as any of their other tools. A lot of hikers have found their GPS devices helpful in their rescue. For example, one hiker who accidentally shot himself in the leg used the 911 button on his GPS device to call for help. Thanks to this technology, emergency responders rescued him in time. There are many stories of GPS technologies saving hikers who have run into trouble on or off the trail. 

Preventing Kidnappings

Kidnappings are a tragedy whenever they occur. The US Department of Justice found that in one year, 797,500 children were reported missing. This is a terrifying statistic for parents all over the country. While many of these children don’t have cell phones with GPS devices to protect them, some parents are equipping their children with GPS devices to protect them in the event of a kidnapping. 

GPS devices aren’t only useful for kidnappings but can also be employed if the child simply wanders off and gets lost. Many are equipped with a panic button so the child can alert their parents as soon as they feel they are in danger. The batteries on these devices last 12 hours, much longer than a cell phone in frequent use, so they are perfect for children and teens who may run into danger. 

Tracking Planes

Everyone has heard of planes disappearing and never being heard from again. With GPS tracking, this no longer has to be a reality. GPS tracking can find planes that have vanished in most cases and even rescue passengers in the event of a crash. It is a vital technology for air travel to keep airplanes from crashing into one another mid-air. 

Equip Your Fleet with GPS Today

GPS also keeps your fleet safe. If anything ever happens to one of your drivers, you will be the first to know with GPS fleet tracking. Azuga offers top-of-the-line GPS fleet tracking for fleets of all sizes. Try a demo today and see how fleet tracking can benefit your business.