Fleet Management

How Plumbing Companies Plug Their Revenue Leaks

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At Azuga, we always recommend that if you are in the plumbing business, you need to get fleet tracking that’s tailored not only to plumbing companies but to your own particular plumbing company. The key thing is to keep it easy to use and get 100% driver buy in as this can be perceived as ‘Big Brother’.

Dispatchers in a plumbers’ fleet

Your dispatchers have to really love the solution. They are the ones using it every day. With the knowledge of where every single truck is at a point in time, they can respond properly to the priority and pressure of the moment. They can find a vehicle that will take the least time, and travel the least miles to the next site that must be urgently attended to.

To do this, they will not have to call the technician to ascertain his current location. This means that your technician can work on the immediate task without disturbances and give their customer better attention.

When exactly does the plumber arrive?

Another customer-related angle is about sharing information with them. You’ve seen several ads from Safelite on the ‘heads up’ notification. Many of you have used Uber to see the dot on the map approaching you as you wait. And now with Azuga TrackMe, you can get features that big companies have. Your dispatcher can give your customers a reliable indication of the arrival time. A dependable promise about the response time will improve the reputation of your business.

Azuga’s mobile app with driver scores, leaderboards, timecards and jobs helps in paying employees and billing customers with exact details of the ‘when’ and ‘where’. Even without messing with the mobile app, fleet managers, dispatchers and business owners can make a huge dent in costs with nearest-cheapest gas, idling and reducing unauthorized vehicle usage.

Rewards of a versatile tracking solution

Besides, Azuga has consistently advocated the use of awards to incentivize performance. With our data science reports, you will know which plumbers are efficiently solving problems and moving on quickly to the next site, and which of them lag and linger. This information can help you improve operational efficiency and run a tighter ship.

Azuga has the consulting experience to evaluate and predict how much your plumbing business can save in a year on fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and overtime as well as help you target more customer visits in a month. Let us help your plumbing business to plug the revenue leaks and outpace the competition!