How Machine Learning Tools Can Simplify Fleet Operations

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Machine learning is a fascinating technology that fleets are using to their advantage. Machine learning focuses on making computers mimic human behavior as closely as possible. One key aspect of machine learning is that computers learn and improve autonomously through data they acquire and their observations of the world. It is what old science fiction writers dreamed of, but it’s real today. So how are fleets taking advantage of machine learning? Many tools utilize machine learning that fleets use every day. This article will discuss machine learning tools and how they harness this technology. 


Telematics is one of the most commonly used technologies in fleet management. Telematics is a form of machine learning that tracks data from vehicles such as location, speed, braking, and engine status and sends it to the fleet management software. Fleet management software can then generate reports that may pinpoint unsafe driving behaviors, inefficient fuel usage, or maintenance needs. The data is used in fleet tracking, route planning, promoting safety, and so much more. Fleets can even use it to get discounts on insurance premiums. Telematics data is crucial for the day-to-day operations of any fleet business, and tracking telematics is a significant part of a fleet manager’s job. In fact, telematics is necessary to some degree to maintain compliance with federal guidelines. This technology continues to grow and expand as time goes on, and new features will soon be available that make businesses safer and more efficient. 


Data analytics seems like a complex part of fleet management, but fleet management software makes it easy. Data analytics is used in many aspects of fleet management, but perhaps the most significant is route planning. Route planning takes data from historical trips, traffic, and satellites and uses it to create the most cost-effective route to a destination. Fleets use it all the time to get between their stops every day. As a result, route planning is more fuel-efficient, causes less wear and tear on vehicles, and gets jobs done faster. Best of all, the software can change routes automatically as traffic conditions or job statuses change, with no need for the fleet manager to contact the driver and distract them. 


One of the top uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning is in promoting safety in fleets. Of course, fleet managers can’t be there in the vehicle with their drivers, but they can still feel secure that their drivers are safe. Artificial intelligence dash cams, like Azuga’s SafetyCam, can detect distracted, drowsy, or aggressive driving behaviors in drivers and report them back to the fleet manager. It can even alert you to problems that might surprise you, like the driver’s eyes becoming unfocused. If the dash cam flags these behaviors, the manager can then coach the driver right from the cab, eliminating the need for any interruptions or distractions. Distracted, drowsy, and aggressive driving cause thousands of accidents every year. Nobody wants their fleet to be responsible for an accident, so this is a perfect way to harness machine learning and artificial intelligence. 


Another way of keeping drivers safe is by keeping vehicles maintained. Vehicle maintenance can be hard to keep up with as a fleet manager, especially if a business has hundreds of vehicles. However, machine learning can make that easier. Machine learning through telematics tracks when a vehicle needs maintenance and alerts the fleet manager right away. This way, issues never go unnoticed and unsafe vehicles don’t remain on the road. 

Furthermore, fleet management software allows managers to set up routine maintenance alerts on each of their vehicles. Trying to track this manually would be a tedious hassle, but letting cars do it automatically is a breeze! Vehicles that don’t get routine maintenance are susceptible to breakdowns, costing a business thousands of dollars in repair fees and lost revenue. Avoid this by letting machine learning determine when vehicles need maintenance. This feature is a must for fleets, especially those with many vehicles, and makes fleet management immensely easier.


Machine learning tools sound complicated and out-of-reach, but they are a modern technology that fleets are already taking advantage of. This technology shapes the way fleets do business, making the industry more efficient, more productive, and safer. There are many tools to choose from depending on your fleet’s needs. Let Azuga help you determine what technology is best for your fleet. Azuga is a frontrunner in machine learning technology, and their experts are sure to get your fleet running smoothly into the future in no time.