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How Fleet Management Benefits Service Fleets

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Service fleets have specific and unique needs. They don’t operate the way a long-range trucking company does. And they’re not like a local delivery service either. These fleets need management software that understands their needs and provides the benefits that will improve their operations. Learn more about these benefits below.

5 Benefits of Service Fleet Management Software

Whether you’re currently shopping for fleet management software for a service fleet or haven’t even begun to look into options, it’s important to know what’s out there and how it can benefit your fleet. 

1. Improved Safety

The primary consideration for any fleet manager should be the safety of the drivers in the fleet and those who share the road with them. No fleet wants to cause an accident with injuries or worse. Fortunately, fleet management software with GPS tracking and telematics can help you create a culture of safety among your fleet drivers. 

Use fleet tracking features to keep tabs on risky driving behaviors like speeding or hard braking. Then sound an alert to your drivers whenever they exhibit these bad habits to help train them toward safer practices. Gamify safety with a driver safety rewards program. (More on this later!) Be alerted immediately if your driver is in an accident, even if they are incapacitated and can’t reach out. And use fleet dashcams with AI technology to warn you about distracted or drowsy driving. 

2. Easy Maintenance

Whether you have a few trucks or a fleet of hundreds, keeping track of maintenance schedules can be challenging. Automate the process with fleet management software, and you’ll get the added benefit of fewer breakdowns and less downtime. Fleet management software can even tailor maintenance schedules to individual vehicles based on a combination of actual miles driven and wear and tear over time rather than simple periodic scheduling.

3. Lower Costs

Along with the benefit of easier maintenance, you’ll lose less money on downtime due to breakdowns, but the savings don’t end there. A good software package can help you reduce fuel waste, benefitting your budget and the environment at the same time. It can also help you save on insurance premiums with hard data showing safety improvements and anti-theft GPS tracking. In fact, most fleets see a return on investment quickly and can continue to reap the rewards for years to come.

4. Actionable Data

Yes, data is king today, and without accurate data on your fleet vehicles and drivers, you may be missing out on the crucial info you need to make good decisions for your service business. Fleet management software can give you the information you need to decide when to retire a vehicle and replace it with a newer model. You can learn where your fleet spends the most time and improve routing and dispatch. A good program can tell you everything you need to know about fleet operating costs, driver performance, and more. And with custom reporting, you can see the data you need at a glance without having to wade through reports full of useless information.

5. Better Driver Retention

With the country currently experiencing a drastic driver shortage, fleets must retain good workers when they find them. A driver rewards program offers the fun of friendly competition, the boost of workplace recognition, and the ability for drivers to improve their own performance without any micromanagement needed. All of this adds up to a happier workforce and better driver retention over time. 

Partner With the Best

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