How Dashcams Make Drivers Safer On the Road

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In recent years, the use of dashcams has increased in popularity among commercial and other drivers. These onboard cameras continuously record the driver’s view through the vehicle’s windshield. While they have previously been associated with law enforcement officials, they are becoming more commonplace among everyday motorists and fleet drivers.

Their rise in popularity has been a result of a number of reasons, as they provide several benefits. Among these benefits are increased driver safety, the ability to record accidents, an increased sense of accountability, improved driving records, and greater security for both the driver and those with whom he or she shares the road.  

Benefits of Dashcams 

Record Accidents 

The police can’t be everywhere, and drivers cannot always rely on eye-witness accounts if they get into car accidents that are not their fault. Luckily, dashcams can provide proof as to exactly who is to blame by taking real-time footage of accidents and what happens before and after them.

Dashcams deliver an objective account of accident events without the risk of them being disputed. This also comes in handy in a hit-and-run incident where your camera will be able to record the perpetrator’s license plate if you are unable to do so in time.

Unfortunately, accidents do occur. You might find yourself in a situation where you or one of your fleet members are the cause. You might also not know whose fault the accident was. It’s often difficult to recall the details of a traumatic event. In this case, dashcams come in handy by providing an accurate account of what happened. 

Increases the Sense of Accountability

Not only do these cameras record any accidents that occur, but they are also able to create a sense of accountability among professional drivers. If you know all of your actions on the road are being recorded, you will be more likely to abide by the rules of the road.

People who have to confront the mistakes they make when they drive are likely to actively make improvements to the ways in which they navigate the roads. They will attempt to reevaluate any unsafe habits that they may have.

Dashcams can also be great tools for instilling a greater sense of accountability among younger drivers. If you have a new driver in your fleet, who has recently earned their driver’s license, they can use a dashcam as a learning implement to later see where they are making driving mistakes.

You can review the mistakes they might have made in a stress-free environment after their initial driving sessions or tasks. You can also keep young drivers accountable for any bad driving habits they might have picked up when they drive unaccompanied.

Improvement of Driving Records

This goes hand in hand with the increased sense of accountability that comes with utilizing dashcams when you drive. If you are able to watch back the footage of your drivers’ unsafe habits, you will be able to actively make changes to improve driver safety.

This means that, as a whole, you are less likely to receive citations for unsafe driving that could negatively affect your driving records and the driving records of your fleet. Dashcams record continuously when you start driving. So, at the end of the day or even the end of the week, you can review the footage and pick up on any bad habits you might not have noticed before.

Enhanced Security

Dashcams can provide a very important security function. You can set your camera up so that it starts to record if it senses any movement around your vehicle. It can record evidence of any attempted break-ins, vandalism, or hit-and-runs.

This is especially useful if you have to leave your vehicle unattended in an area that you feel is unsafe. It provides you with a greater sense of ease and security. If anything happens to your vehicle, you can use the dashcam footage to make any claims from your insurance or use it as evidence to find the perpetrators.

How to Get Drivers to Buy In On Dashcams

Now that you know how dashcams can improve the safety and the driving habits of drivers, you should know that it can be difficult to convince members of your driving fleet to buy in on the dashcams. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), car accidents are one of the greatest causes of fatalities in the US. So, driver safety is of the utmost importance. 

Explain the Reasons for Installing the Cameras

If you do not communicate to your drivers that you are installing cameras as a safety measure, they might assume that you are installing them because there is a lack of trust and you want to spy on them.

Try to highlight the business objective that dashcams will help you to achieve. Explain that your aim is to lower the cost of insurance premiums and reduce the costs of claims. Even though you trust your drivers, several dishonest third-parties might try to stage an incident. The dashcam is there to protect your drivers from false claims and to ensure driver safety. 

Explain What is Being Recorded and Who Has Access to the Recordings

One of the main concerns that could be expressed by your drivers is that they are worried management is trying to infringe on their personal privacy on the job. They want peace of mind that the footage will not be used inappropriately.

Provide your drivers with a written policy that stipulates who will have access to the dashcam footage. Ensure that any unauthorized personnel will not access the footage. You can also explain that the camera is not live-streaming footage and that no one can access it remotely. 

All of the Above and More

It’s clear that dashcams provide peace of mind for your safety and the safety of your fleet drivers. They provide the assurance that there is accountability among drivers and that you will always have an eye-witness account if anything was to go awry — on the road or off. The most important aspect of dashcam technology is that it helps to improve driver safety among the members of your fleet as they navigate the roads. To learn more about dual-facing dashcams and artificial intelligence-driven dashcams, visit Azuga today.