How Azuga’s Technology Can Save Thousands Per Year

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Doing Fleet management all on your own can be inefficient, and waste a lot of money. Drivers and managers must log down their fuel used, hours, and job progress throughout the day. With a GPS tracking fleet management system, managers can pinpoint exactly where their fleet is. Fleet software can display the amount of fuel used at any moment, and show driving behavior like harsh braking, and speeding. With this technology, you save hours of inefficient time spent on track, less on vehicle, and fuel expenses. Additionally, you can allocate your vehicles with precise timing for more jobs, meaning you’ll bring in more money. Azuga offers fleet management technology to your business that saves thousands of dollars every year.

Azuga Technology-Saving Features

Route optimization: With Azuga fleet tracking, you know where your vehicles are at all times. Route optimization helps your drivers travel the least amount of miles and take the quickest route. With fleet technology, there can be up to 30% of annual fuel savings per year.

Asset tracking: When you have giant physical assets deployed in the field, you run a great risk in unauthorized use and theft. Additionally, you need to know where assets are at all times to transport and employ them strategically. Every business needs to have asset tracking. Azuga asset tracking helps alleviate some of the risk from asset mismanagement by gathering valuable insights such as utilization, and location data. Asset tracking is a software feature that helps businesses to track assets like tools, equipment, or IT assets. These will often include both unpowered and powered equipment like trailers, shipping containers, generators, and dumpsters. The fleet technology dashboard will display exactly where your equipment and workers are. You can efficiently schedule asset delivery, maintenance, and pick-up with ease. Users also get access to geofencing, so you know when assets leave a designated area. This prevents any miscalculations in assets being delivered and picked up, as well as lost equipment, preventing your business from losing money on replacement. Users can simplify their yard management, detect, and prevent costly unauthorized use immediately, and recover equipment. Fleet managers can optimize dispatch and deploy assets effectively to maximize their revenue.

Dashcam helps minimize accidents: Azuga offers a smart dual-facing camera that captures both in-cab driver behavior, and front-facing road events so that fleet managers can monitor driver behavior. This dashcam helps to monitor driving behaviors, reward efficient, and safe drivers, and build mutual trust between drivers and fleet owners. For businesses, the dashcam sends instant accident reports, reduces insurance claim resolution times during accidents, and lowers your insurance premium. Dashcams help to discourage aggressive driving behaviors from preventing accidents. When accidents do occur, you will have the raw footage to exonerate drivers with undeniable video evidence, if they’re not at fault. With the dashcam, you’ll save money on potential accidents and high insurance bills. Since you’ll have a better track record and be equipped with a fleet tracking platform, insurance companies are likely to extend you special discounts for premium insurance packages.

Driver behavior reports: With the Azuga GPS tracking platform, you’ll receive driver behavior reports that track how the vehicle is handled. It monitors metrics such as speeding, aggressive maneuvers, cornering, braking, idling, and more. Speeding puts your vehicle in danger of accidents, and will negatively impact your insurance premiums. Use this information to build training programs customized to your drivers.

Reducing idle time: On average, long-haul trucks inefficient waste about 1,800 hours of idle time per year, and burn over 800 million gallons of diesel per annum during idling. A medium-sized truck burns through about half a gallon per hour of idling. 39% of fleet drivers idle their cars about three to four hours per day. And idling accounts for roughly 60% of fuel costs for fleet budgets. This waste in fuel also means additional maintenance costs and pollutes the environment. In essence, your vehicles will last longer due to a reduction in wear and tear, and utilize less fuel. Idling happens for the following reasons:

  • Traffic
  • Loading and unloading
  • Document processing
  • Toll booths
  • Rest stops
  • Stopped to use mobile device
  • Warming up vehicles engine

With Azuga telematics, you’ll receive GPS idle time reports to show you where, and how long a vehicle idled for. Analyze these reports and strategically figure out where you can reduce idling. For example, you can create rules such as having drivers turn their engine after 30 seconds or 3 minutes of idling. Azuga also provides real-time idle tracking that notifies the driver when it has been idled for too long. As a result, you’ll easily save thousands on fuel costs alone among your entire fleet.

Deal finder: Azuga has an add-on in the maintenance software module that helps users find price deals and coupons to save on repairs, parts, repairs from nearby service providers, and retailers. Azuga maintenance works by monitoring vehicles in your fleet and alerting your fleet managers, drivers, and technicians before any issues arise. With this deal finder feature, the system automatically finds local coupons related to the preventative services and parts that you need. On average, businesses spend $860 every year on maintenance for vehicles. With this feature alone, you can save over $100 per year.

Ensure Compliance with FMSCA eLog mandate: Azuga helps keep your fleet ELD-compliant to avoid penalties, fees, and tickets. The Azuga eLogs meets the requirement for FMCSA 395.15 regulations for DVIRs, and HOS, as well as ELD, mandates. With the platform, you’ll receive alerts when drivers are getting near the hours of service limits to prevent violations. This software helps streamline time-intensive compliance tasks such as record keeping and simplifying communications with dispatch units. Remove paper logs and see all of your logs and reporting with granular visibility. Eliminate the confusion of compliance for both the United States and Canada rules.


Azuga offers innovative technology fleet products to make staying safe and saving money automatically. By being more efficient and safe, you’ll save money in the process. Most expenses rack up due to aggressive driving behaviors, inefficient use of vehicles, routes taken, and poor tracking and reporting methods. Rest assured that Azuga can help you save thousands of dollars on your fleet and make your life a lot easier!