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Drive Safe, Save More: Unlocking Auto Insurance Discounts with Dash Cams

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If you’re in the fleet industry, you have likely seen dashcams on the rise for a long while. Fleets in all industries are using them and are enjoying immense benefits. If you’ve looked into installing them yourself, that’s a significant step in the right direction! Many fleets hesitate because installing dashcams involves a bit of spending at first. However, it is a worthwhile investment that has a hefty return. Not using a dashcam can have considerable costs, and you can feel these losses at any moment. Let’s go over the cost of not using a dashcam. 

The Benefits of Dash Cams

Dashcams have a wide variety of advantages for drivers and fleet managers alike. The most significant benefits you’ll see are driver safety and cost savings. 

Accident Evidence

Of course, even with dash cams, fleets spend so much time on the road that accidents are inevitable. When accidents do occur, it is essential to ensure that fleets are protected. Dash cams do precisely that. When an accident occurs, the dash cam serves as an irrefutable witness. It can testify to what happened on the road and in the cab when an accident occurs and offer proof when a fleet driver was not at fault. 

Prevention of Insurance Fraud

70% of accidents are not the fault of fleet drivers. However, fleets are frequently the victims of insurance fraud since fraudsters know they will have optimal insurance policies. Insurance companies know this and encourage their fleets to use dash cams to combat it. Proving fleet drivers innocent in a crash saves the business and the insurance provider thousands of dollars, so everyone benefits.

Encouraging Safe Driving

AI dashcams can help prevent crashes before they ever happen. They detect drivers losing focus, falling asleep, using their phones, and other behaviors. They can also alert drivers when they drift out of their lane, drop speed, or make other mistakes. If the driver cannot correct their errors, the system will alert the fleet manager to contact the driver and decide what to do. Tracking this behavior would be difficult without dash cams, and fleet managers would never know. Dash cams can make long strides in preventing accidents and keeping drivers safe. 

Monitoring Parked Vehicles

Fleet vehicles are often targets for theft. Your dashcam doesn’t only record when your drivers are on the road. You can also activate parking mode. This feature can sense the harsh movements involved in a break-in and automatically turns on the camera. 

Expediting the Claims Process

Accidents can cause a lot of problems for fleets. One of the most significant issues is the time it takes to resolve an accident claim. However, with dashcam footage, there is nothing to question when an incident occurs. You have irrefutable evidence of the events and can quickly move through the insurance process.

Choosing the Right Dash Cam for Insurance Discounts: Key Features to Consider

Video Quality

A dashcam is useless if you can’t tell what’s happening in the picture. Make sure the video footage is at least 1080p.

GPS Functionality

Tracking and analyzing driver behavior in real time is a significant asset. It is beneficial not only for keeping individual drivers on track and preventing accidents but also for overall safety training.

Storage Capacity 

You must be able to access your recorded footage after an event occurs. Look for a dashcam with internet connectivity. Instead of using a memory card, these dashcams upload your footage to the cloud. That way, there is always space on the dashcam for new footage.

Night Vision 

Look for dashcams with infrared LEDs. Infrared will ensure that your camera can capture footage at night. 

Azuga’s AI SafetyCam

Azuga’s AI SafetyCam has all the features mentioned in this article and far more. It pairs with Azuga’s comprehensive fleet management solution to cover all aspects of fleet management. Whatever your business goals regarding your fleet, Azuga can help you accomplish them. Speak to an expert today and see what we can achieve together.


Do Insurance Companies Give Discounts for Dash Cameras?

Insurance companies don’t often give discounts simply for installing a dashcam. However, the data it gathers proves a history of safe driving in your fleet, so you can negotiate lower rates.

What to Do with a Dash Camera after an Accident?

The most important thing is to pull the data and store it somewhere safe. If you use a memory card, you can remove it and upload the footage to your computer. If your footage uploads to the cloud, you can export it for offline access. 

Does a Dash Cam Count as an Anti-theft Device? 

Dashcams can record when the vehicle is parked. If your dash cam catches someone breaking into your vehicle, you can get that footage to the authorities to recover your property.