Great for Customers, Drivers and Fleet Vehicles: Refrigeration Co. Points the Way

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Not many fleets that have implemented GPS-based Fleet Management have achieved the kind of results C&L Refrigeration (Fullerton, CA) has in so many operational areas. But these results are achievable for more fleets. It really depends on your management practices and how the GPS provider delivers concierge customer service to guide you towards continuous improvement.

C&L Refrigeration maintain commercial and industrial HVACR systems, build industrial refrigeration systems for storage and manufacturing industries. In business for over four decades, its headquarters are in Fullerton, California with an office in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Higher vehicle utilization: In terms of productivity, the Company stands out as their average underutilized vehicles for the fleet has been 9.3% (vehicles driven less than 500 miles in a month) which is significantly lower than the SIC average of 16.3% over the past 12 months.

Superior fleet maintenance through telematics‍

Only 3.5% of the vehicles in the fleet have recorded DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) events compared to 14.7% of vehicles in the same SIC. 7.6% of vehicles had low battery events compared to the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification 1711) average of 15.2%. As we know, smaller fleets have are affected more by a poorly maintained vehicle. 1 vehicle down in a 10 vehicle fleet is 1/10th of revenue.

Drivers’ reaction about GPS

C&L Refrigeration decided to test and embrace industry’s first gamification and rewards platform. Within weeks, they had remarkable improvements in safety and compliance. At the same time, they were able to reduce the driver turnover rate significantly. Despite the driver’s initial resistance, once again the misconception of big brother watching was cleared as they could see the positives.

“Azuga’s Custom Reports gives us what we really want to see from the collected pile of data, and our customer service department uses it to track our fleet all over the region. We are now able to schedule jobs more efficiently.  The UI is very helpful and easy to use. “
Samantha Cassell, Operations Manager, C&L Refrigeration

Through customized support, Azuga is working with many fleets in SIC 1711 and similar businesses to regularly achieve improvements for them in various aspects of the fleet operation and to raise their ROI from their investment in Tracking. For more discussion and a summary of the other results for C&L Refrigeration, you can get a compact Case Study here.