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How Accurate Is GPS Mileage?

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You know all about tracking the miles your vehicle has traveled with an odometer. However, did you know that GPS trackers can also monitor your mileage? Of course, you want the most accurate answer possible. So how do GPS trackers and odometers differ, and which is more accurate? 

How Does the Odometer Work?

The odometer in your vehicle tracks miles traveled by counting wheel rotations and multiplying them by the tire circumference. There are digital and mechanical odometers; digital odometers are known to be more advanced and are considered more accurate than mechanical odometers. 

How Does GPS Work?

GPS stands for global positioning system. It is a satellite-based technology that can track your position, time, speed, and mileage. They are equipped with atomic clocks, which give them accurate time. The GPS receives signals from the satellite as it travels, and the time they were sent tells you how far you’ve gone. 

Which is More Accurate?

Because the GPS uses exact location and an atomic clock, it is more accurate than the odometer in your vehicle. Odometers can lose accuracy if you have worn-out tires, the wrong tires entirely, or a particular type of odometer. For example, a mechanical odometer has a margin of error of up to 5% or more if there are tire problems, while a digital odometer will never exceed 7%. 

How Can Accurate Mileage Support My Fleet?

Tracking of all kinds is useful for fleets, and tracking mileage is no different. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with accurate GPS tracking:

  • Improve Accountability: You can see how many miles your drivers are traveling, which means you can see if they’re taking unauthorized trips or not using their planned route. 
  • Simplify Expense Reporting: You want accurate mileage when reporting expenses. You never want your employees to leave miles unaccounted for or pad their miles. 
  • Maintain IRS Compliance: The IRS needs to know how many miles your business travels. If you try to keep these records manually, it can quickly become tiresome, but fleet management software combined with GPS technology streamlines the process for you. 

Use the Best GPS Software

Azuga’s GPS devices are designed with fleets in mind. This means more features, higher accuracy, and better integration with our fleet management software. We seek to help you achieve your fleet goals, no matter what they are. Speak with one of our experts today to try a demo of our GPS tracking software and learn how to harness it to reach your fleet’s fullest potential.