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How GPS Trailer Tracking Can Improve Fleet Management

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With your most valuable assets deployed in the field, you risk theft or unauthorized use without a GPS trailer tracking system. A GPS tracker is a valuable tool for assets such as vehicles and large equipment. 

With visibility into fleet-wide operations, you can improve safety processes and gain accountability through GPS trailer tracking. Here’s more insight into how GPS trailer tracking can improve fleet management.

Driver Management

Knowing where your drivers are provides peace of mind for their safety and the whereabouts of your assets. Plus, when drivers know they are being tracked, they are less likely to break rules and protocols because they will be held accountable. However, when an incident does occur, you’ll be able to respond efficiently because you’ll already have their location and can get to the scene faster.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Rate

We’ve all made a purchase online and tracked the order’s status from “ordered” to “delivered.” Your customers trust you to service their property and feel the same way — they want to know where your driver is until they arrive. When they know you are monitoring the vehicle using GPS tracking, they will have peace of mind knowing when to expect your driver to arrive. A GPS tracking device can provide reliable real-time location data and even alert customers with updates when they need them. Through GPS tracking, you’ll be able to identify the closest vehicle to the customer’s location for prompt service.

Improve Safety and Curb Unnecessary Costs

Improve the safety of your fleet with GPS tracking that enables you to track when to perform routine maintenance to avoid safety hazards that could be prevented. Track unsafe driving habits and use this data to keep drivers and vehicles performing at their peak. Block cell phone use, which often interferes with driving, to prevent texting, calling, and app use when the vehicle is in motion.

Capture data on driver behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, and idling, plus vehicle diagnostics such as battery, engine, and fuel updates.  

Asset Management

In addition to fleet tracking, it's equally as important to recognize the physical assets you have beyond fleet vehicles. Other items such as the following are all important to track:

  • Construction equipment
  • Storage containers
  • Trailers
  • Generators
  • Rental equipment
  • Pods
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts

Get updates in real-time on all your assets when you’re using a GPS tracking system and schedule delivery, pick up, and maintenance with greater efficiency. 

Take it one step further and use a trailer GPS tracking system with geofencing to know your assets’ exact location and real-time movement toward the final destination. Utilizing this tool enables you to recover stolen equipment quickly and detect costly unauthorized use. Eventually, you’ll find it easier to maximize revenue from asset deployments when you can track them in real-time.  

Vehicle Maintenance

GPS tracking can log vehicle diagnostics such as a low battery, how frequently the “Check Engine Light” appears, low fuel, panic alert, sensor alert, and temperature sensor. Get alerts sent when vehicles are due for routine maintenance, such as oil changes or tire rotations. This can reduce vehicle downtime and more costly repairs when you have the information you need to plan and schedule recurring vehicle maintenance. 

The Future of Fleet Management

Improve the efficiency of your fleet operations by using a GPS trailer tracking system. Azuga’s tool integrates with the rest of our fleet management software to provide a cohesive, streamlined experience.

It’s easy to install and use and highly customizable to suit your fleet’s needs. You can even access it on mobile devices for complete visibility into your fleet. GPS tracking is the way of the future and can even give your company a lift over the competition. Begin tracking your fleet from the busiest highway to the most remote part of the county. Get started today with a demo.