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Benefits of GPS Tracking for Waste Management Companies

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GPS tracking is a modern solution to many of fleet management’s challenges. Waste management fleets face many of these daily challenges, but waste management GPS tracking can streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and improve customer service. Fleet tracking comes with various benefits, but a few will benefit a waste management fleet in particular. We will outline these benefits and explain why your waste management fleet should look into fleet tracking today. 

Dispatch With Ease

Dispatching multiple vehicles can be challenging when you have so many vehicles running on a tight schedule. That’s why it’s crucial to use tools at your disposal like fleet tracking to make the job as easy as possible. With your entire fleet mapped out, it becomes easier to know who to dispatch, where, and how many vehicles to schedule for what routes. Fleet management software with fleet tracking allows you to review routes, assign drivers, and easily create schedules from one screen. No more scrambling to call drivers to change their schedule or route last minute. Drivers can view their routes from a mobile app connected to the fleet management software and be on their way without issue. 

Reduce Fuel Use

Waste management vehicles must travel more streets than anyone, so saving fuel is the name of the game for waste management fleets. Fleet tracking reduces fuel use in several ways, route optimization being the most obvious. Route optimization software harnesses machine learning and algorithms to find the most fuel-efficient path between two destinations. It saves time, increases productivity, and, improves fuel efficiency! 

Secondly, fleet tracking tracks driver location and behavior—behaviors like idling, speeding, and rapid acceleration waste a significant amount of fuel. Fleet tracking software can detect these behaviors and alert you when they occur, so you can reach out to the driver to correct their mistakes. You’ll be amazed at how much fuel you save when using fleet tracking; you’ll have to see it to believe it!

Prevent Vehicle Theft

Vehicle theft becomes worse every year, and fleets, in particular, suffer the worst. What can you do to combat this issue? Fleet tracking is here to help. One feature of fleet tracking is called geofencing. Geofencing is when you set up a virtual border around a specific location. When a vehicle crosses that border, you get an alert that lets you know. So, when a thief tries to take your vehicle outside of your designated area, the software will notify you immediately to take action. When you inform the authorities, you can tell them exactly where your vehicle is so they can recover it for you. This feature even prevents unauthorized use of vehicles by employees! Fleet tracking and geofencing ensure that your vehicles are only used on your terms, keeping them safe from anyone else. 

Keep Vehicles Maintained

When vehicles have maintenance issues, that means downtime and repair costs that cost your fleet money. Of course, you want to avoid that whenever possible, and the best solution is preventative maintenance. With fleet tracking, you will always be the first to know when your vehicle has an issue that needs addressing. Telematics tracks your vehicles’ health and lets you know whenever a problem arises so you can get the vehicle repaired before it becomes catastrophic. Breakdowns are an expensive burden to bear, and avoiding them saves you time and money, keeping your fleet efficient and effective. Furthermore, you can set up scheduled maintenance alerts so you never miss routine maintenance, keeping your vehicles in tip-top shape for many routes to come. 

Make Decisions with Real Data

Nobody knows how your fleet is doing better than you, but you can get better information on your fleet with fleet tracking. Fleet management software can create reports based on data collected from fleet tracking. You can view reports on fuel usage, driver behavior, asset usage, and more to make informed decisions on your fleet’s operations. These reports are immensely useful for increasing your fleet’s productivity and ensuring it is the best it can be. 


Fleet tracking is an incredible tool that most fleets today use to good advantage. There is so much you can do with fleet tracking that any fleet is sure to find a use for it. Azuga’s fleet management software with fleet tracking offers all of these benefits and more. Reach out to Azuga today to see what options are available and find out how you can begin optimizing your fleet’s operations.