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What Does GPS Fleet Tracking with Azuga Cost?

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If you’re considering fleet tracking software, price is probably the first thing you factor in. How much does fleet vehicle tracking cost? Of course, every provider is different, but Azuga is one of the few with options available depending on your fleet’s needs. 

Azuga offers three tiers of fleet tracking packages, and each fleet management solution includes GPS tracking. Our GPS tracking devices can be installed in just 20 seconds; plug the device into your OBD port, and you’re ready to go! Azuga’s GPS tracking is ideal for any fleet, but how does the pricing work? 

How Azuga’s Pricing Works

Under all tiers, you can receive alerts and notifications depending on driver locations and even set up geofences. A geofence is a virtual perimeter that you create to notify you when your vehicles cross it. 

These borders prevent theft and unauthorized use of your vehicles. However, under different tiers, you can access other GPS tracking features, such as trip logs and tags, distracted driving alerts, and vehicle diagnostics.

It’s not all about GPS tracking. Each fleet pricing tier offers safety features, driver scores, and driver rewards programs. These tools track driver behavior and generate scoring metrics based on how safely your drivers operate their vehicles. You can use these scores to implement a driver rewards program to gamify good driving behavior and create a safety culture. 

With higher tiers, you’ll have access to more safety features, including SpeedSafe, which reports speed compared to posted speed limits. Azuga Coach is an additional benefit that provides targeted coaching for drivers with specific road issues. Your fleet is sure to be safer and more effective with these features. 

Azuga’s Pricing Tiers


The Basic Fleet plan includes the core tracking features that every fleet needs for $25 per vehicle per month. These features include GPS tracking, alerts and notifications, driver scores, driver rewards, reports, and geofencing. 

If your fleet is just starting out or is simply looking to sample fleet management features, this is the tier for you. With this tier, you’ll also be able to access our unlimited phone, email, and web-based support 24/7, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands with your tools. 


The Safe Fleet plan has all of the features included in the BasicFleet plan while including additional ways to improve vehicle safety and fleet efficiency. This plan costs $30 per vehicle per month. Features like SpeedSafe, distracted driving prevention, and panic alerts support your fleet’s safety culture and the previously described options. 

It also boosts efficiency with vehicle diagnostics, scheduled maintenance, trip logs and tags, fuel card integration, API integration, TrackMe, occupant recognition, and messaging. Like the previous tier, this plan also comes with the unlimited 24/7 support your fleet needs to make the most of your new fleet tracking software. 


CompleteFleet offers a comprehensive fleet management solution for businesses in any industry to meet any of their needs. Of course, you’ll get everything featured in the previous tiers and new features that optimize the fleet experience. Benefits include Azuga Coach for safety,  FuelSaver for efficiency, and advanced informational features like enhanced vehicle data and electric vehicle data. 

Finally, exclusive services like one-minute tracking, custom reports, and quarterly fleet review round out your fleet management experience. With this tier, you get access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager who addresses your needs and can help answer any questions that may arise. 

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Azuga’s technology is state-of-the-art and tailored to help you reach your business goals and increase efficiency. We work with fleets across all industries, in all shapes and sizes. Before you pick a tier, speak with one of our experts to see how we can meet your needs. We can show you how the software works and find the right plan for you.