GPS Fleet Tracking

Solve Fleet Billing Issues with GPS Tracking

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If you’re running a fleet, you know that it can be hard to quantify the work you do for billing purposes. If you have trouble getting the bill out to your customers, you may be in trouble. After all, you don’t get paid until you bill them. Fleet management software simplifies the fleet billing process so you can get paid sooner. 

Quickly Access the Information You Need

If you’ve ever tried to keep records manually, you know that it is a laborious and time-consuming process. Why waste all that time when fleet management software can do it for you? With GPS management software, you can track miles traveled, easily access eLogs with work hours, and see the purpose of every trip. This information is automatically recorded, making your life easier when it’s time to bill. 

Stand By Your Invoices

We’ve all dealt with clients who contest the information on their bills. When you use accurate data to create your bill, you’ll be able to present that data as evidence when explaining the bill to the customer. It increases accountability for your business and ensures that you don’t give discounts because you’ve lost track of a charge  or service. 

Keep Organized and Paper-Free

In the 21st century, we’re not dealing with paper files anymore. Your GPS tracking and the data you derive from it is stored within your fleet management system. Nobody needs to enter the information manually; everything is automatic and easy. This reduces the chance of errors or paper getting lost in the shuffle. 

Generate Every Report You Could Ever Need

If you have questions about your fleet's operations, you can almost always answer them with GPS tracking software. You can generate reports on virtually anything– idle time, fuel costs, safety events, route efficiency, etc. When making any decision for your fleet, you want data on your side. That will never be a problem again with fleet management software. 

Fleet Management Software Features

Let’s summarize the features of fleet management software and the advantages you can enjoy once you implement it. 

  • Track drivers in real-time
  • Generate reports to answer any of your management questions
  • Paperless data storage to reduce errors in your reporting
  • Easily accessible data to support your business decisions
  • Promote safety, preventative maintenance, and efficiency with various fleet management tools

Get the Best Fleet Tracking Software Out There

Azuga’s fleet tracking software offers all the features listed above and much more. Pair your fleet management software with a dash cam to get a recorded view of everything happening on the road and in the cab. Learn more about what you can accomplish with Azuga’s tracking solution by scheduling a demo with an expert.