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How Much Data Does a GPS Tracker Use?

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If you’re looking at implementing GPS for your fleet, you are likely wondering how much data does a GPS tracker use? Of course, you’ll want to make sure if you purchase GPS software, you’ll be able to use it effectively. Let’s explore how much data a monthly GPS tracker uses and what that means for your fleet. 

How Much Data is Needed?

Of course, every GPS tracker is different. Some may require less data, and some more. But if you’re looking to get started on your search for GPS trackers, know that you will likely need about 1GB of data per month to use the tracker daily. 

You can use GPS trackers without internet access. However, you will only have access to limited features. Features like route optimization, alerts, and more will require internet access. Going without will likely not be sustainable for your fleet on an ongoing basis. 

Compared to many other technologies, GPS does not use that much data. The more features you use, the more the data will add up.

Why Do GPS Trackers Use Data?

The main time that a GPS tracker uses data is when downloading maps. If you want your map to give real-time information, it will have to download quite frequently. This results in more data use. 

Because GPS technology uses satellites, they do not rely on the internet to work. However, as we mentioned, many additional tasks require data to function, and you will need data for your GPS to link to your fleet management software. 

How Much Does Data Cost?

We’ve established that while GPS works without the internet, you will likely want internet access to get the most out of your software. That means you will need at least 1GB of data per month. However, 1GB is a minimum requirement – you will often want to invest in a little more data to avoid overage charges. To discuss price, we will use the 1GB minimum. 

To get 1GB of data per month, you will usually have to pay about three dollars. Of course, this depends on your data provider and plan, and you can shop around to find the best option for your fleet’s purposes. 

Azuga’s GPS Solution

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