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The Best GPS Tracker Solution for Solving Complex Routing Challenges

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GPS tracking technology has been around for a while, and fleets have taken advantage of it for many years. However, technology has been growing and improving, and not everyone is moving as fast as technology is advancing. GPS fleet trackers have become more accessible, more accurate, and easier to install than ever, and fleets can use them for various fleet management purposes. One of the best uses for GPS trackers is in route planning software. Azuga’s comprehensive fleet management solution offers the best GPS tracking on the market. It helps you solve the routing issues plaguing your fleet with our Azuga Routes software. 

How Does Fleet Tracking Work? 

As we mentioned, fleet tracking has evolved over the past couple of decades and now works in real-time. This means that you’ll always know where to find your fleet vehicles. This section will discuss how Azuga’s fleet tracking devices work and how to install them. 

The vehicle’s tracking device connects at three points: 

  1. The vehicle’s computer unit
  2. GPS satellites
  3. The internet

With these connections, users with a web browser or mobile app can log in and access tracking data for their vehicle or asset in a dashboard that presents the live data in the form of charts, maps, and reports. The software shows users where the vehicle is, its health, and even driver behaviors like speeding and idling. 

Anyone can install the device in less than 20 seconds; it simply needs to be plugged into the vehicle’s OBD port. After a few seconds, the device will light up, and then it’s good to go! Any vehicle built after 1996 will have an OBD port that you can use. Once the device is plugged in, it should automatically link to your Azuga tracking software. This quick YouTube video will show you how to install the device if you have any trouble. 

How GPS Tracking Supports Route Optimization

Without GPS tracking, route optimization wouldn’t work. Route optimization comes with all kinds of features that offer many benefits to fleets. These are features that your fleet will want to take advantage of if you invest in route optimization software. 

Real-Time Route Updates

The best type of route planning is dynamic route planning because it works in real-time. This means that your software can update your routes throughout the day. Routes can change for many reasons, such as new jobs coming in or customers canceling their orders. They can also change because of traffic, weather conditions, or accidents. These issues can cause delays to drivers arriving on time. If one of these issues will hinder your driver’s progress, the route will automatically update and find a way to get there faster if possible. Without this software, your drivers would wind up stuck in traffic jams or visiting customers who no longer need them while missing out on those who do. 

Sharing Routes with Others

Azuga Routes offers you the ability to share your routes across the fleet. Drivers cannot constantly be on the phone to update their managers regarding where they’re going or when they’re changing course. It’s not safe for drivers to be on the phone while they’re driving. It’s also a waste of time and tedious for the driver and the fleet manager. With GPS tracking software, the fleet manager always knows where each driver is and where they are going. 

Even better, Azuga Routes also sends customers notifications when their driver is getting close. This improves customer service, as customers appreciate being kept in the loop. Furthermore, the customer will be ready when the driver arrives, meaning everything will go more smoothly. 

Tracks Historical Data

Real-time fleet tracking isn’t the only benefit of GPS tracking. Your route optimization software can also take historical data into account to make decisions. This means that it can gather information regarding traffic at a particular time of day, which can be beneficial for planning around rush hour traffic or navigating school zones. This technology can even use customer data such as the time slots they prefer or their availability to determine when to factor specific customers into the route. Historical data is instrumental to building a foundation that creates the best route for the present. 

Invest in Azuga’s Route Planning Solution Today

Azuga is top-of-the-line when it comes to fleet management solutions. We are experts in the field and provide services to fleets of all sizes all over the country. Our GPS tracking system is easy to install and even easier to use. To see what we can do, try a demo for yourself.