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Factors to Consider When Choosing a GPS Service Provider for Your Fleet

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GPS tracking is essential for fleets of any shape, size, or industry. It gives you insight into your business that you need to make critical business decisions and catch problems before they cost you big time. But, like any tool, not all GPS service networks are created equally. You need to seek out accurate and reputable options created with fleets in mind. There are many factors you should consider when selecting a fleet GPS service network, and we’ll highlight what they are here. 

No. 1: Accuracy

Your GPS system isn’t helpful if it isn’t accurate. Every program has some bugs, but you should choose software where these bugs are minimal. Aim for 99.9% reliability, as anything else could lead to frustration and even lost time and money for your business. 

Part of ensuring your GPS’s accuracy is making sure that the hardware is durable. It should be water and shockproof so that the elements don’t cause inaccuracies. Your vehicles undergo a lot, and your GPS tracking system needs to be reliable through it all. 

No. 2: Usability

As with any new technology you implement into your fleet, you will want to ensure that your GPS tracking system is user-friendly. Even if you are tech-savvy and can navigate any strange configuration, keep your employees in mind– they will be using the system the most, after all. If the system is difficult to use, your employees will have difficulty accepting it. Find a GPS system that offers a test period to see if it’s as user-friendly as it appears. 

No. 3: Reputation

Don’t just go for any old GPS supplier. You wouldn’t partner with any business off the street, after all. Make sure that the GPS supplier you choose is trusted in the industry. One thing you should look for is carrier certification. If your GPS provider isn’t carrier certified, they won’t be able to promise you much, and you’ll be making a risky investment. Companies with positive reviews, a proven positive track record, and financial stability are all good qualities to seek in business partners. 

No. 4: Add-On Features

Once you get your GPS system going, you probably won’t just want location and mapping. There’s so much more that GPS can provide, don’t sell yourself short with the basics. Good GPS software will offer additional features, such as mobile applications, route planning, and more. Compare providers and see which add-ons work best for your business needs. Every provider offers something different. 

No. 5: Customer Support

If something goes wrong with your system, you must be able to get help. Before you commit to a company, ask about their customer support. What hours are they available? How can you contact them? The best customer service comes with many points of contact all around the clock. 

The Best GPS Provider for Fleets

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