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Best Practices for GPS Fleet Monitoring

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GPS fleet monitoring is one of the greatest assets in a fleet manager’s toolbelt. It helps with all aspects of fleet management, from keeping drivers safe to ensuring that jobs get done efficiently and accurately. However, like any tool, fleet monitoring needs to be used properly to be effective. We’ve discussed many ways to use this tool in our articles “Five Fleet Monitoring Best Practices,” and “Fleet Fuel Tracking: 8 Best Practices for Monitoring.” However, there is no shortage of ways to use fleet tracking to your advantage, and we have just three more practices that you may want to employ in your day-to-day to help your team succeed. 

No 1: Display Your Real-Time Map Where Everyone Can See

Your tracking solution will provide a map showing the real-time location of each vehicle in your fleet. This map can help you determine when you need extra support, when you may be experiencing delays or anything else that may be out of the ordinary with your fleet. However, this information doesn’t only benefit you! Everyone in your fleet can use this information to make quick decisions if you are not immediately available. What if someone takes a call and doesn’t have the real-time map in front of them? They won’t know what’s happening or how to help without contacting you. You can relieve a lot of the burden off of yourself and your team by keeping everyone in the office on the same page. 

No. 2: Harness Live Traffic Data to Keep Drivers Moving

Your drivers need to be able to get where they’re going quickly and consistently, even though the world around us is not consistent. Traffic jams cause delays, construction slows us down, and other problems always arise. But if these problems aren’t surprises, we can avoid them easily. That’s where route management software comes in. Route management software, or route planning software, automates the process of getting your drivers where they need to go in the most efficient way possible–no more waiting in traffic or getting lost in construction detours. With route planning software, your drivers will always know where to go, and live traffic data is continuously updated, so if a change needs to be made, the process is automatic. 

No. 3: Reward Responsible Drivers

Your drivers are the backbone of your fleet, and without them, the entire operation would collapse. Show them your appreciation often. You can do so by taking them out to lunch occasionally, giving them shout-outs in your monthly newsletter, or even setting up a reward system that regularly rewards them for good performance. For example, Azuga’s rewards system works by assigning drivers a safety score based on data tracked from telematics. Drivers with the best safety score receive a gift card for their hard work. When drivers feel appreciated, they are more likely to stick around, which is needed now more than ever during this driver shortage. 

The Best Fleet Tracking Software

If you’re looking for the fleet tracking solution that has it all– route planning, rewards, telematics, and more– look no further than Azuga’s state-of-the-art fleet tracking solution. Our experts work with fleets from all industries to achieve various fleet management goals, and we can help you with anything you need. Schedule a demo with us, and let’s see what we can do when we put our heads together.