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What Causes GPS Interference?

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If you’ve ever used a GPS device regularly, you may have seen it fail at some point. It can occasionally happen with even the best GPS devices. However, it can be frustrating or even scary when that happens, so it’s best to learn what can cause GPS interference to keep your system running as best as possible. There are lots of factors that can play into GPS interference. It could be caused by nature (trees, for example), interference generators, or even simple equipment failure. Let’s go into more detail about what causes GPS interference and what you can do if it occurs. 

Causes of GPS Interference

You may experience GPS interference for a wide variety of reasons. For example, competing radio signals can jam your signal. Weather can also affect your signal if you use an older device– not just weather on earth but also weather in space. There are even devices people use to jam GPS signals intentionally. The area you’re driving in can also affect signals. Look out for the following on your routes: 

  • Below high buildings (such as within a city)
  • Under tree cover
  • Near land formations such as valleys and mountains
  • Inside tunnels
  • Inside parking garages

GPS signals are already very weak, so they can easily get lost in all the radio signals and barriers surrounding us. 

How to Improve Your GPS Signal

There are devices available on the market that can help improve your GPS signal. These systems may block GPS jammers from working on your system, or they may detect areas of low signal and warn you before you enter them. Once you know that interference may occur, it is easier to decide how you wish to proceed. 

Azuga’s GPS System

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