GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Hardware and Software Requirements

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If you want to add GPS tracking to your fleet, but aren’t sure what hardware and software components you’ll need, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll describe the GPS hardware and software requirements for your fleet and why Azuga is your best choice for GPS fleet management and tracking.

GPS Hardware

There are two or three hardware components you’ll need to run your GPS fleet tracking system: a GPS receiver, an in-cab display unit or device, and a remote display unit or device.

GPS receiver

The first hardware component you’ll need is the actual GPS receiver that allows your vehicles to connect to the global satellite network (GPS). This receiver gets signals from several US government-run satellites in orbit around the Earth, then uses them to triangulate precisely where the vehicle is in 3D. Sometimes this hardware component includes a physical display to allow the driver to see recommended routes and the like, or other times it sends out a signal with this information to a third-party device.

In-cab display

If your GPS receiver doesn’t include an in-cab display, you’ll need a separate device to serve this function. Many fleets use tablets installed on the dashboard of each vehicle, while others may have their drivers use phones or other mobile devices. 

Remote display

Finally, to make this system useful in the fleet industry, you need a remote device that can also track the GPS devices in each vehicle in your fleet. This may be a computer in your office or a laptop or mobile device used in the field. For many fleets, there are several remote displays used to run the fleet, including at the home office, any field offices, and mobile devices carried by each member of the management team.

GPS Software

Once you have all the hardware required, you still need a software package to run it properly. The most basic GPS software systems do little more than show where each vehicle is on a map. More advanced systems offer premium dispatch systems, anti-theft features, safety tracking software, and much more. In fact, a fully-featured GPS software package may include everything you need to manage your fleet from start to finish. 

Why Choose Azuga

Azuga offers premium GPS hardware and software for the fleet industry. Our hardware is easy to install, with plug-and-go in-cab units that use the vehicle’s OBD port to interface with its computer systems and track data relating to the engine alongside GPS data. 

Our software includes useful features like fleet tracking, asset tracking, driver safety, eLogs, fleet sustainability, scheduled maintenance, advanced routing, and driver rewards programs. It’s an end-to-end fleet management solution that improves driver safety and performance, helps you maintain your fleet vehicles, and keeps your fleet operations running smoothly. 

Check out our ROI calculator to learn how we can improve your bottom line, then reach out for a fleet tracking demo and learn about all we can do for your fleet.