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See What G2 Is Saying About Azuga

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G2 is one of the top business software review websites online today. People worldwide review their favorite software honestly, detailing both what they like and dislike about everything they use. When it comes to Azuga, G2 users are fans. Azuga has a 4.8-star rating out of 5 on G2, one of the highest ratings of any fleet software on the site. Why do people love Azuga so much? Here’s what G2 users are saying. 

Maintenance Alerts

People are raving about Azuga’s maintenance alert features on G2. Joseph Kelly, in particular, appreciates the benefits of organizing his business’s maintenance records: “Azuga has allowed us to localize all maintenance records to efficiently track upkeep, such as oil changes and state inspection and registration dates. We also utilize this feature for tracking significant repairs to use as a history when cycling through trucks and updating our fleet.” Azuga’s maintenance alerts provide up-to-date information on vehicles’ maintenance needs, so fleet managers no longer need to track data manually. It makes it far easier when everything is available all in one place at the click of a button! 

Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is crucial for promoting fleet safety and also saving fleets money. Joseph G on G2 found immense savings with Azuga’s maintenance alerts: “This system has help[ed] me save thousands on vehicle maintenance. It is an absolute must for any large fleet.”

Customer Service

Whenever a business integrates so many of its operations with a service like Azuga, it’s essential to ensure you can get help when needed. Azuga has US-based customer service representatives available to help fleets with any of their needs at any step in the process, whether asking about potential services, installing hardware, or fixing a problem that comes up further down the road. Azuga boasts its excellent customer service, and its customers do as well! A reviewer on G2 exclaims: “Azuga's Customer Service is top notch! I love their attention to detail and their follow up.” Another calls Azuga an “extremely easy to use platform with Grade A customer service.” Customers wouldn’t recommend Azuga without stellar customer support, and that is why we focus on providing the best service possible to ensure a positive experience. 

Insurance Savings

Azuga offers technology like telematics, dash cams, and other safety features that insurers like to see in their fleet clients. Therefore, they will often provide discounts for fleets who have these features installed, and many Azuga customers are enjoying these benefits. For example, Jonathan H is a five-star reviewer using Azuga’s GPS to reduce accidents and get discounts on his insurance premiums. James S says: “It also helps our insurance bottom line as we can monitor the driving habits of all fleet employees. Highly recommended for anyone who has multiple drivers.” Fleets are always looking for ways to save on costs, and cutting insurance premiums down is an excellent way to do so. If your insurer doesn’t offer discounts just for having these features installed, you can provide objective, accurate data that shows your drivers’ safe habits to prove your low level of risk. It’s highly likely to get an insurance discount with Azuga. 


What’s the point of tracking all of this data if you can’t do anything with it? Azuga creates comprehensive reports that answer any questions you may have regarding your fleet. Find out anything you need to know with just a couple of clicks of a button. Alberto S highlights the monthly reports as his favorite part of the software. He appreciates how specific the reports are to include “all the details regarding my vehicles and personalized comments and suggestions.” 

Three different reviewers spotlighted the breadcrumb report. One user in the construction industry says, “I really like the bread crumb reports. Very detailed.” Tyson W. lists the breadcrumb report as his favorite part of the software, appreciating its level of detail. These reports are critical for making decisions both day-to-day and in the big picture. 


There is a good reason why Azuga is rated so highly on G2. Because of our extensive array of services, attention to detail, and optimal customer service, we succeed again and again in satisfying our customers. If you’re ready to partner with us, check out our website and reach out to one of our experts today to get started. We’ll work with you to make your fleet more efficient and successful than you thought possible!