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The Best Field Service Management Features for Small Businesses

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When building a fleet management toolbox for your small business, you are likely looking for technology that makes your operations more efficient, your drivers safer, and your business more productive. These goals are all met in one package in field service management software. Field service management software allows your business to streamline its operations into a single, simple workflow by organizing all of your tasks into one place. There are so many aspects of management for managers to keep track of, from dispatch to customers to finances, that it becomes near impossible without the proper tools. However, with so many field service management solutions, how do you  choose the right one? You will want to select the best option based on the features available at a price manageable for a small business budget. Let’s discuss what features you should look for in your field service management software. 

Dispatch Tools

Of course, dispatch is an everyday part of your job and critical to your business’s operations. However, it can also be one of the most challenging aspects of the job. When you have limited resources and multiple employees to manage, it can become difficult to juggle at once. Luckily, field service management software helps to ease the burden because fleet managers can assign jobs through the software directly and monitor the jobs’ status. Then, when workers finish a job, they can mark it complete and find their next task on the app. Managers can prioritize tasks based on their urgency, length, and availability of employees. 

Customer Database

Customer service is particularly critical for small businesses that must establish a positive reputation in their communities. With field service management software, you can keep track of your customers easily and effectively. Build a familiar relationship by assigning the same technician to a customer every time by using data from your software. Whenever a customer has a dispute, simply pull up their data and respond with detailed, personalized information. An expansive CRM gives you all of the information you need to answer inquiries and disputes efficiently. 

Fleet Tracking

Today's fleet needs fleet tracking to keep up with its vehicles, no matter how many it has on hand. Fleet tracking not only tracks where your vehicles are but provides all kinds of valuable data about your vehicles to help you with all aspects of fleet management. It helps you plan out your days and schedule jobs. Route planning software helps you get your drivers to all their stops in the most efficient way possible. Maintenance alerts tell you when your vehicle needs care. Driver behavior alerts notify you when your drivers need coaching. There are all kinds of uses for fleet tracking that you may not have even thought of, so fleet tracking is one of the most beneficial tools you can have. 


Look for a field service management provider that can accept payments. This is immensely useful when your fleet is out in the field and highly convenient for your customer base. Not only is it beneficial for your customers, but it allows you to collect payment data that you can then use to generate reports on your business’s income and check on the overall performance of your business. This helps you make important decisions regarding the operations of your business. 

Get All of These Features and More!

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