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Why Food (Local/Last Mile) Delivery Fleets Need Fleet Management Software

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Food delivery fleets have a significant challenge on their hands. Delivering, whether local or last-mile deliveries, involves many vehicles, often going to multiple locations a day. Without fleet management software, it can be impossible to keep track of all the moving parts of a food delivery fleet. With dispatching, safety, and maintenance on the line, there is a lot for a fleet manager to handle. Luckily, many fleet management software options exist, so you can always find a way to keep things running smoothly. Find out how fleet management software can make your job easier with these key features. 

Simplify Dispatching

With fleet management software, you can schedule deliveries based on vehicle availability. You can even sort vehicles based on which vehicle is best for which order (refrigerated, heating, size, etc.). Furthermore, you can easily manage your drivers’ schedules and routes, all from your fleet management software. Assign and monitor routes, and change them whenever you need to. Most fleet management software solutions come with a mobile app so you can make these changes on the go, and drivers can respond from their own smart devices. This app gives a manager the ability to track worker time, schedule deliveries, and dispatch based on driver availability and location. There’s no longer a need to check in with your drivers constantly; you’re easily able to communicate all from your fleet management app

Know Where Drivers Are

GPS tracking offers a plethora of advantages. Seeing all your drivers on one map gives you a snapshot of what is going on with your fleet at any time. Furthermore, GPS tracking allows for handy tools such as route optimization. Route optimization gets drivers from Point A to Point B in the most fuel-efficient way possible, saving time, money, and of course, fuel! This tool improves customer service by ensuring drivers always arrive on time. Furthermore, GPS tracking allows you to provide your customers with arrival windows, which always helps them feel at ease that their food is on its way and set to arrive on time. GPS tracking allows for top-tier customer service in the food delivery industry like never before. 

Keep Drivers Safe

Driver safety should be a top priority of any fleet business, especially food delivery fleets. Fleet management software keeps your drivers safe by harnessing telematics. Telematics tells you a plethora of information about your vehicles and your drivers. It can tell you if your drivers engage in unsafe behaviors such as swerving, harsh braking, and speeding. It will alert you to these behaviors in real-time so you can reach out to your drivers and correct them, ensuring everyone on the road is safe. 

Furthermore, GPS tracking allows you to set up no-go zones for deliveries, such as in areas of heavy crime or where your business regularly finds trouble. Geofences alert managers when delivery drivers exit a specific area to check-in and ensure that their drivers are alright. 

Gather Useful Analytics

Analytics are beneficial for fleets of any size to help fleet managers make business decisions that optimize their operations. Analytics can help fleets determine how to speed up deliveries by telling you where drivers spend the most time on their routes. It can help you determine where the gaps in efficiency are so you can address issues and maximize your fleet’s potential. When you take advantage of analytics, you can improve your business’s output and the customer experience. 

Keep Track of Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping vehicles maintained is crucial for many reasons: 

  1. It keeps drivers safe. Safe drivers are happy drivers, and they are more likely to stay with your business if they feel like you prioritize their safety with well-maintained vehicles. 
  2. Regular maintenance makes vehicles last longer, saving your business money in the long run. Maintenance alerts tell you when your vehicles have problems, so you don’t have to track all of your vehicles manually. 
  3. You can set up scheduled maintenance alerts that will tell you when it’s time to send your vehicles in for their routine maintenance, preventing problems from arising in the first place. 


Food delivery fleets have many challenges that other fleets don’t face, but fleet management software can help eliminate these challenges and make managing these fleets easier than ever. Azuga’s fleet management software offers all of these features and many more! Find out what Azuga has to offer by trying out a demo today!