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How Fleet Maintenance Software Can Support Small Businesses

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Fleet maintenance software for small businesses helps you keep your fleet compliant, safe, and effective for years to come. Keeping your fleet well-maintained should be one of your top priorities, as it ties into all other aspects of fleet management. If you don’t think you need fleet maintenance software for your small fleet, you’re missing out, and your competitors may have the advantage. Find out how fleet maintenance software can support your small business below. 

Keep Your Drivers Safe

Your drivers’ safety should be your top priority. Vehicle malfunctions can put your drivers at significant risk. If their brakes fail or their tires blowout, it can cause an accident and put everyone in danger. In fact, the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) found that 27% of accidents involving a truck and a passenger vehicle were caused by brake problems. This is more than speeding and driver fatigue combined. Of course, you want to avoid that. Regular maintenance encouraged by fleet maintenance software can ensure that your drivers are not put at this kind of risk. 

Keep Your Vehicles Reliable

When breakdowns aren’t unsafe, they’re largely inconvenient. When your drivers are waiting on the side of the road for a tow, they’re not able to do their jobs. Then the vehicle goes into the shop for a repair, and the job still can’t be completed. It may be days or even weeks of delays before the vehicle is fixed. When a vehicle is left until it breaks down, the repairs are usually more significant than they would be if you were conducting regular maintenance. Fleet maintenance software tells you whenever there is an issue with your vehicle that needs addressing, before it becomes a problem significant enough to cause a breakdown or need major repairs. Don’t waste your or your fleet’s time; start using fleet software to catch problems before they slow you down. 

Keep Your Fleet Compliant

All fleets have state, local, and federal regulations that they must adhere to. If you don’t comply with these regulations, you’ll be hit with large fines and your vehicles can even be placed out of service. Having your vehicle in working order and having records of your vehicles’ maintenance history are required to maintain compliance with these regulations. Luckily, fleet maintenance software comes with vehicle maintenance logs that detail your vehicles’ maintenance history all in one place. Combined with helpful maintenance alerts, your vehicles will never fall behind on their maintenance and will always have a record of what has been done to keep them in their best shape. This way, you don’t have to worry about pesky fines and other consequences of not meeting compliance requirements.  

Stay on Top of Your Fleet’s Maintenance Needs With Azuga

If you’re looking for a fleet maintenance software that has all the features you need to achieve these goals, look no further than Azuga. We have maintenance alerts, scheduled maintenance, and vehicle maintenance logs to help you keep track of all of your vehicles’ needs. We’ll be here as you grow and scale your business, helping you with all aspects of fleet management, from safety to finances to day-to-day operations. See what you can do with Azuga by trying out a free demo on our website.