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Three Challenges of Small Businesses and How Fleet Tracking Can Help

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Small businesses have it harder than anyone out there, especially during this day and age where things are more expensive than ever, and fleets are under enormous strain. Luckily, with all of the tools available today, small business fleets can rise to meet these challenges and succeed despite them all. In this article, we will discuss three challenges that small businesses face and the benefits of fleet tracking that address them. 


Of course, competition is just a part of doing business. However, when you’re a small business, your competitors may be much larger than yourself. This means you have to compete with companies that have more resources and tools at your disposal. It can be an immense challenge to get your business off the ground when you have competition at this level. At this point, customer satisfaction is critical, meaning that small business owners must use all aspects of fleet tracking to their advantage. 

Of course, GPS tracking ensures that you always know where your drivers are and can dispatch them effectively, get them to their destinations on time, and even update customers on their location. However, tracking vehicle health ensures that your trucks don’t break down and cause delays. Driver behavior tracking ensures that drivers are driving safely and don’t cause costly accidents or damage your business’s delicate reputation. All of the parts of fleet tracking come together to help you stand against the competition. 

Smaller Budgets

The simple fact is that small businesses don’t have as much money coming in as larger businesses do. This makes it difficult to improve or grow, and working within a small budget can make it challenging to expand, gain more customers, and hire more staff. Therefore, small businesses should always be looking for ways to cut more costs without sacrificing the quality of their operations. 

Fuel is one of the greatest costs of the fleet business, and fleet tracking allows for route optimization, one feature of fleet tracking that significantly improves your fuel efficiency. Route optimization uses algorithms and machine learning to get you to your destination in the most efficient way possible, saving you money on fuel costs that would otherwise hinder your business. 

It also ensures you have the right number of vehicles on the road, so you don’t waste your resources. Having too many or too few vehicles can greatly hurt your bottom line, making route optimization an invaluable feature for your fleet. 

Less Room for Error

As mentioned, reputation and budget are critical for your small business. Making a mistake can cost you money you don’t have or cause you to lose a customer you can’t afford to lose. Large businesses have larger cushions that they can fall back on, but small businesses don’t have that luxury. Therefore, you must keep detailed records of everything regarding your fleet. Luckily, fleet tracking helps you generate reports regarding everything from safety to maintenance. Fleet management software gathers this data in one easy-to-access place, so you can access any information you need and make the right decision anytime. 

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