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How to Verify that Your Fleet Drivers are Safe on the Road

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There are all kinds of technology solutions aimed at fleet driver safety, but not all are created equal. You need something effective but manageable if you want to implement it and promote safety within your fleet business. Fleet tracking is vital for fleet safety, and you need technology that productively harnesses fleet tracking. Azuga uses telematics and fleet tracking to keep your drivers safe, and customers use this technology every day. Misericordia University has found great success with Azuga’s safety features in keeping its drivers and vehicles safe. How does Azuga protect your fleet, and how did the technology protect Misericordia University?

“The biggest benefit is that we’ve been able to verify that our drivers are safe. If we see a particular vehicle that is driving at a higher rate of speed, we can track it down to a driver and the individual manager will handle it with the driver.”

Fleet Tracking and Safety

Fleet tracking has far more uses than you may know. Let’s go over the main benefits here. 

  • Telematics: Telematics tracks speed, location, fuel efficiency, HoS, maintenance requirements, and more. For safety, you can use it to spot dangerous driving habits like speeding, harsh braking, or rapid acceleration. With Azuga, you can set up alerts to let you know when these behaviors occur so you can take corrective action immediately. 
  • Route Optimization: Route optimization may not seem like a safety feature at first, but it does instill confidence in your drivers in where they are going. They do not have to split their focus between navigation and driving because they know exactly where to go. Going even further, route optimization software can eliminate dangerous driving maneuvers like left turns and U-turns that increase the risk of an accident. 
  • Geofencing: This is the practice of setting up a virtual perimeter around a specific area on a map, so whenever your vehicles enter or exit this perimeter, you receive an alert. If your drivers behave unexpectedly, you’ll be the first to know. Even worse, if your vehicle gets stolen, you’ll also be alerted immediately so you can call the authorities. 
  • Problem Areas: Sometimes, there are problem areas on your drivers’ routes due to poor road design, heavy traffic, bad weather conditions, or other problems that make certain areas challenging. Tracking your drivers helps alert you to when and where these problems occur. You can even generate a report that tells you where dangerous driving occurs and how often so you can change your routes accordingly. 

Misericordia University and Azuga

Misericordia’s main priority was getting details whenever an accident occurred with one of their vehicles out on the road. With Azuga, they can simply log into the Azuga system and access all of the information they need from telematics, including location and speed. 

However, fleet tracking also helped Misericordia with an incident where one of their vehicles was stolen. With fleet tracking, they were alerted immediately, and Bob could access the vehicle’s trail from home and tell authorities precisely where the vehicle was. This vehicle was used to transport students, so it was a significant safety concern, although students were not in the vehicle at the time. 

Misericordia has found that Azuga keeps their fleet safe, saves them money on insurance premiums, and avoids accidents, all benefits that they greatly appreciate. 

Keep Your Fleet Safe with Azuga

Azuga keeps fleets all over the country safe, and you can join our satisfied customers as well. Try a demo of our fleet safety software, and a representative will show you what we can do.