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Fleet Safety Trends in 2022

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Every fleet’s top priority is safety; we know our drivers are our most important asset, and we work hard to keep them and everyone else on the road safe. With new technology and trends continuously cycling through, what are fleets latching onto when promoting safety in their fleets? Let’s review some of the popular fleet safety trends for 2022. 

Dash Cams

Dash cams have been growing in popularity for several years, which isn’t changing anytime soon. The dash cam trend continues as fleets use this technology to reduce their insurance claims and even the number of accidents that occur in the first place. Fraudsters often target fleet vehicles in their scams to get insurance money from an accident, and dash cams prove that the fleet driver is not at fault. Also, new AI dash cams have advanced features to catch distracted driving behavior before it causes an accident in the first place, saving drivers from danger and everyone from potential headaches. 

Fleet Safety Managers

Fleet safety managers will work with much more data as tracking technology takes off. We mentioned AI dash cams– those can track driver behavior and provide data to fleet managers. Telematics feeds all kinds of data into fleet management software. The fleet safety manager’s job is to interpret that data and make decisions for drivers and the team, such as how to implement training or whether route changes are needed. 

Driver Shortage

Emphasizing safety, in general, is a huge trend right now in light of the driver shortage. Drivers want to work for a business that prioritizes their safety. This means providing adequate training, up-to-date technology, and well-maintained vehicles to keep them safe while doing their jobs. To attract drivers, businesses are working hard to create intense safety programs to show their commitment to the safety of their employees, so they can keep them for the long haul. 

New Drug Testing Policies

With more states legalizing marijuana use, partially or fully, businesses have had to adapt their drug testing policies. Fleets have had to create more extensive drug testing procedures to ensure their drivers are safe and sober behind the wheel and adjust to different regulations if they cross state borders. 

Cyber Security

It’s not only the protection of our bodies that’s important, but the protection of our data. Many fleets are prioritizing protecting their data very carefully. Fleets should be asking, who has access to data? When are things being recorded? Where does the information go? Your provider can give more details about your data security and how data will be used. 

Keep Up with the Latest in Fleet Technology

Azuga is always at the forefront of fleet technology. Fleet safety is our top priority, and we know it’s yours too. Let’s work together to keep your fleet safe; try a demo of our products with one of our experts, and we’ll show you what’s possible with the latest and greatest technology.