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How to Become Fleet Safety Certified

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Safety should be a top priority for you, your drivers, and your customers. Having drivers with fleet safety certifications helps your fleet operate better. All kinds of training and certificate programs exist to help your fleet. Some hold more weight than others. Let’s find out how to become fleet safety certified. 

Best Fleet Safety Certifications

You should know what certifications to aim for before you and your drivers start your certification journey. This information is also helpful if you seek certifications before hiring drivers. We will highlight five fleet safety certificates that every fleet driver and supervisor should aim to have. 

OSHA Fleet Safety Certification: This program is called OSHAcademy. It aims to boost the knowledge of fleet managers and supervisors. It covers topics like the cost of accidents, accident investigations, and driver qualification standards. 

National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA): Several certifications exist under the NAFA umbrella. Most are aimed at fleet managers and cover topics like building a sustainable fleet, creating driver training protocols, and defining safety metrics. 

DriveSafe Online Certification: The DriveSafe Online certification can be completed quickly – sometimes in less than one hour! It benefits both drivers and fleet managers as it covers topics related to road risk, driver fatigue, and distracted driving. 

NSC Defensive Driving Certification: Defensive driving is a crucial skill for any fleet driver, and this course will cover everything drivers must know regarding safety on the road. 

NTSI Certification: National Traffic Safety Institute certifications are also great for drivers and managers alike. You can take a CDL refresher, the safer driver challenge, and much more! 

Steps in Becoming Fleet Safety Certified

We’ve mentioned different certifications that your drivers can take. There’s no one way for a driver or manager to become fleet safety certified. For any of these processes, you must sign up for the program. Then, complete the training materials the program provides. Next, pass any tests required to earn the certification. 

Some courses are easier than others. Having multiple certifications will round out your training and make you safer and more hireable. 

What Are the Benefits of Fleet Safety Certification?

Safety certification can reap many benefits, depending on what you choose! Look for specific topics that will help you achieve your goals. 

We’ve discussed some of the topics you’ll be seeing already. Let’s summarize some of the main topics covered in fleet certification training.

  • Reducing motor vehicle accidents
  • Reducing insurance premiums
  • Reducing accident liability
  • Practicing safe driving
  • Adopting new fleet safety technology
  • Boosting fleet efficiency

With more training under their belts, your drivers and managers will be safer, more efficient, and more knowledgeable on the roads. 

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