How Fleet Safety Cameras Can Help Protect Your Fleet Business

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Keeping drivers safe is any fleet’s top priority. To emphasize safety, many fleets will employ different technology solutions, and one of the most popular is fleet safety cameras. Safety cameras are becoming popular worldwide, especially in fleet businesses. These cameras keep drivers safe while saving fleets lots of money if an accident does occur. Accident lawsuits are expensive, and fraudsters often target fleet vehicles to get significant payouts. However, dashcams protect drivers not only from the dangers of the road but from the severe financial damages of accidents. 

Southern Tire Mart implemented Azuga’s AI Safetycam to protect the business from accident-related lawsuits. With nearly 2,000 vehicles and 100+ stores across the United States, it is the number one commercial tire retailer in North America. A business this big has service drivers and technicians that must be protected, and that’s why they partnered with Azuga. Let’s talk about how the AI Safetycam works and how it benefits Southern Tire Mart. 

“Azuga is so easy to use. The user interface is intuitive. When we added on AI-SafetyCam it was helpful from day one. The ability to help avoid costly lawsuits and prove our drivers weren’t at fault has been a huge help. Cameras don’t lie.”

Azuga’s AI SafetyCam

Azuga’s AI SafetyCam is a dual-facing dashcam, meaning it records the road and the driver simultaneously. This is highly beneficial for safety purposes, as at the time of an accident, it not only records the events on the road but it verifies that your driver was not distracted at the wheel. The cab-facing dashcam uses artificial intelligence to track distracted driving behaviors that put your drivers at risk for accidents. These behaviors include:

  • Eating/drinking
  • Using phone
  • Smoking
  • Yawning/fatigue
  • Face not visible
  • Not focused
  • Obstructed camera

When it detects these behaviors, it will alert the driver and give them a chance to self-correct. However, if the behavior continues, the system will send an alert to the manager so they can intervene if necessary, preventing an accident from occurring. Of course, it also detects road incidents such as hard braking, rapid acceleration, hard cornering, or excessive lane changes. When there is another eye on the road, it may help a driver who isn’t even aware that they are doing these things after several hours on the road. 

The dashcam system is also simple to implement and installs within just minutes. Simply adhere the camera to the windshield or rear-view mirror with the sticky back attachment. It can be powered with the vehicle battery, cigarette lighter adapter, or the OBD-II cable. 

Exonerating Drivers for Southern Tire Mart

Fleet drivers risk being blamed for accidents, even though 70% of accidents are not fleet drivers’ fault. Now, with Azuga’s AI SafetyCam, Rusty Robertson at Southern Tire Mart has found that he can exonerate his drivers of responsibility in the event of an accident: 

“One delivery driver was passing through a green light when someone ran the red light on the other side and swiped his vehicle. It would be easy for the at-fault driver to say the roles were reversed. Cameras proved what the traffic condition was immediately.” 

He was able to immediately provide firm proof of this incident to show law enforcement the truth of what happened. Using AI SafetyCam technology, Southern Tire Mart has avoided the pain of several frivolous lawsuits and saved tens of thousands of dollars, let alone hundreds of wasted hours. 

Protect Your Fleet with AI SafetyCam

Azuga’s AI SafetyCam protects your fleet on various fronts. It keeps your drivers safe, protects your fleet’s reputation, minimizes danger to other drivers on the road, and reduces your risk of false lawsuits. You can save lives, time, and money by simply installing this camera on your vehicles. Azuga works with fleets of all shapes and sizes to find solutions that work for your needs, so meet with us for a demo and see what we can do for you.