Fleet Safety: Because Your Team Safety Depends On It

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You can be very sure that a company that specializes in installing alarms knows the value of safety alerts for a moving vehicle – whether it be speeding, braking or seatbelt usage.

PAC Integrations, a highly respected security solutions provider for over three decades, is trusted by its clients to ensure round-the-clock safety of their properties. It offers a broad spectrum of custom tailored security systems for virtually every application and builds systems for nearly every security concern. Its service technicians can diagnose the most complex problems that can arise with any security system. But the team had no way to ensure the safety of their team while driving.

Fleet utilization better than industry average

50% of PAC Integrations fleet is comprised of class 6 trucks.

A key metric for productivity is fleet utilization. On average, each vehicle typically drives for 1,900 miles per month; higher than the SIC average of 1,329 miles per month.

By most measures, PAC Integrations has a fleet of high use vehicles. Approximately 80% of their vehicles are being driven between 16-25 days per month vs the industry average of 59%. Nearly 20% of their monthly trips are long distance trips vs the industry average is 11%.

Fleet safety score improves from the very first month

Within the first month, PAC Integrations recognized improvements in driver behavior  which were visible after the deployment of Azuga’s OBDII devices. Those improvements include a clear improvement in safety score as measured by speeding, hard braking, and hard acceleration.

Speeding: speeding distance per 100 miles reduced by 70% from May 2017 to June 2017
Hard Braking: hard braking counts per 100 miles reduced by 60% from 1.24 in May 2017 to 0.5 in June 2017
Hard Acceleration: hard acceleration count per 100 miles reduced by 53% during the same period.
Idling: idling time per vehicle reduced by 23% within the first month.

A year over year comparison (2017–2018) shows an average reduction of 67.25% in hard acceleration per 100 miles for the period May through August.

PAC Integrations has boosted their driver morale through Azuga’s integrated driver rewards program; rewarding their drivers 69 times since May 2017. The program’s impact can be seen in the reduction of average and poor drivers over time. In fact, in July and August of 2018, all their fleet drivers have been ranked “Good” or “Safe,” an amazing improvement in safety for their team!

While their team goes about its tasks of installing systems such as access control systems and home security alarm systems, PAC Integrations has a fleet that puts safety first.