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How Do Fleet Relays Work?

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With the fleet driver shortage still in full swing, fleet managers are always looking for ways to recruit drivers and make their jobs easier. One of the most significant issues that drivers face is time away from home. Spending so much time away from family and friends often turns potential job candidates away. To address this problem, many fleet managers have considered or implemented a fleet relay style of operations. Let’s explore more about what that means. 

What is a Fleet Relay?

Implementing a relay delivery method is like putting your trucks through a relay race. Your fleet would utilize “relay stations.” One driver would make the trip from your starting point to the first relay station, usually within a few hours of their home. Then, a second driver who lives closer to the local area of the relay station would pick up the truck and head to the next relay station. This pattern continues until the team completes the delivery. 

3 Benefits of Fleet Relays

Why are fleet businesses considering fleet relays as a method of delivery? Here are three reasons you may want to consider them for yourself. 

No. 1: Improve Driver Turnover

We mentioned the driver shortage earlier and how drivers dislike spending time away from home. Drivers who have shorter relay runs can come home more often. This benefit will keep drivers on your team and save you the cost of hiring a new driver. 

No. 2: Reduce Fuel Costs

Much of the time spent idling in your fleet is due to driver breaks, meals, or even sleeping in the vehicle. With the relay process, either drivers go home after their shift, or you can rent them a motel room in the relay station’s area. Renting a motel room is cheaper than engine idling, especially as gas prices rise.

No. 3: Highway Safety

Using your trucks for long-haul deliveries means they must accommodate sleeping and working within the vehicle. However, the relay method eliminates the need for this. The fleet can optimize cabs for just one driver. Some have considered a “cockpit” style with windows all around. These optimizations can improve visibility and maneuverability. 

Stay Ahead of the Game with Azuga

At Azuga, we work with fleets of all shapes and sizes. That means we know the problems that your business is facing. The truck driver shortage is one problem we have seen grow throughout recent years. If you’re considering implementing a fleet relay system, our fleet management software has your back. We can help you easily track your drivers and ensure that all stops are being made efficiently. To learn more about Azuga’s capabilities, speak with an expert today!