Why Seasoned Fleet Owners Choose Azuga Fleet Management

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There is a shortage of great fleet companies in the market today. However, there’s a reason that seasoned professionals still opt to choose Azuga. Azuga is a cloud-based fleet management software solution made to fit businesses of sizes. With its cloud-based technology, this system allows you to scale and freely grow your business. Azuga is also incredibly adaptable to any business, whether you’re a landscaper, utilities companyplumber, or cargo fleet.

Factors to Consider About Your Fleet

When a seasoned fleet owner is looking for solutions to improve its fleet efficiency, Azuga considers their needs first. Although most fleet managers and owners understand their fleets well, a comprehensive fleet management solution can take a more in-depth look, and provide new insights for better workflow. Before choosing any US fleet tracking company, you should consider what you’re trying to solve and why you want to work with a fleet management company in the first place.

Here are factors that you should consider about your fleet:

Fleet size: Smaller fleets don’t usually need all fancy bells and whistles that larger fleets get. But both can benefit from the same technologies. Gps fleet tracking small business still needs all of the essentials such as asset tracking, safety, and driver behavior monitoring. Ask yourself, what are your biggest challenges that you currently face with your fleet? Also consider, if you are planning to grow soon. A company in a growth phase will need a fleet management solution that facilitates scalability and adaptability.

Business type: The services and features that you need will largely depend on the type of business that you have. For businesses with a lot of assets, you need an asset tracking feature. If you have heavy equipment that is spread across multiple job sites, you may want to consider geofencing. This notifies you when an asset has left within a perimeter or certain radius of a location. Geofencing allows you to monitor a large radius at once.

Additionally, you need to track these assets and figure out the optimal utilization for these assets. Utilization is typically quite difficult to determine. However, with the right technology, you can ensure that you’re using your equipment to it’s fullest and not wasting any money.

Tech needs: To determine what features or fleet tracking device you need, consider making a comparison of various fleet companies to see what features other companies offer. You may find that you didn’t know you needed certain tech features. Make sure to weigh the true cost of the fleet solution versus your real need and the potential ROI that this feature can bring.

Budget: If you have a low budget, you will likely be limited in the features you can buy. Search for a fleet solution that gives you the most bang for your buck. Pay for what you need, or offer some kind of payment plan that fits your budget.

Choosing the Right Fleet Management Solution

Check their experience: You must pick a fleet management company that has been around for a while. Make sure they have been in business for a minimum of five to ten years.

Testimonials or references: All reputable companies should have references and testimonials they can provide. A third party site can share their experiences with you about their services. For example, across many review sites, you’ll find raving Azuga reviews across the board.

Real-Time Statistics: Real-time stats allow you to see what’s going on at each moment. For example, fleet telematics allows you to pinpoint your fleet and how many jobs were complete. In the age of technology, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than real-time data.

Help improves driver behavior: With a fleet management solution, you can control just about everything, except driver behavior. It is one of the most overlooked variables. Drivers have a profound effect on your fleet costs, potential risks, safety, and liability. Every fleet management system needs a system in place to improve driver safety and behavior. This helps your business dramatically increase profits.

Reduce costs: Fleet management solutions are designed to improve your work efficiency, ensure safety, and drastically reduce expenses. These systems help to limit fuel costs, prevent driver accidents, better utilization of resources, and the authorized use of vehicles. As a result, your fleet will incur fewer expenses and save thousands per year. Often, you can get better rates from fleet insurances as well.

Why Fleet Managers and Owners Choose Azuga

Great value and easy to use: Although Azuga offers a fairly reasonable price for a fleet management solution, the features, and innovative technology far exceeds what they currently charge. Azuga fleet is super easy and convenient to use. It also works in the background, so you can set it and forget it. We offer plug-and-play devices, so business owners can begin fleet tracking by plugging their devices into a vehicle’s OBD II port.

Detailed asset tracking and monitoring: Azuga includes a GPS map that displays detailed information to drivers, such as which intersections to be cautious of due to traffic or potential accidents up ahead. Additionally, Azuga can offer asset monitoring, coordinate recovery of assets, and help businesses find and service any deployed asset. Asset tracking uses the same software as the fleet tracking to keep things simple. This eliminates confusion and requires no additional set up. Azuga does offer two different hardware options: long-life asset tracker, and rechargeable tracker. The long-life asset tracking is used for long deployment of non-powered assets and has a battery life of up to 5 years.

On the other hand, a rechargeable tracking helps to power assets such as road signs, and generators and has a battery life of 6 months. One of the best tracking components is Azuga’s geofencing. Geofencing enables you to map a virtual perimeter around a physical location. You and your fleet managers will receive alerts whenever equipment moves in or out of this boundary. The system will send alerts for movement even during after hours, and send idling reports, if a fleet truck or asset has been idle for too long. Overall, Azuga offers a complete mix of features to track all of your assets.

Improve driver safety: Most other companies only try to help drivers through vehicle tracking. However, Azuga takes a hard approach to safety by offering driver scorecards. These scorecards calculate driving behaviors using an algorithm and see what things they are doing well, and where they can improve. Drivers can also see the scores of other drivers. This gamifies safe driving, and enables them to be competitive. As they improve their driving behavior, they can earn rewards. Azuga is one of only a few companies that offer scorecards. Administrators can send rewards directly using the fleet tracking app. Azuga also monitors the behavior of drivers on the road in real-time. Scorecards can positively motivate drivers by helping to reward them for good behavior. Monitoring helps because you can reprimand drivers for dangerous driving, and enforce good driving. Any recurring behaviors can be subject to driver training. Since there is a dual dash cam installed onto the truck, you can ensure that drivers stay compliant, and check for any costly behavior such as speeding or harsh braking. If your fleet gets into less accidents, your fleet insurance rates will go down.

Track fuel efficiency: Azuga GPS analyzes routes, and helps to stretch the vehicle’s fuel further by planning better delivery routes. This system helps by reducing unnecessary idling time and overall fuel consumption. The tracking act also serves as a constant reminder in the driver’s mind and holds them accountable for waste in fuel. Azuga even shows how much each driver has wasted at specific locations like rail-road crossings, stop lights, and more. You’ll see if any driver has an alarming usage rate compared to other drivers in your fleet.

Ensure vehicle health: With Azuga, fleet managers can monitor the overall maintenance, and vehicle health to stay compliant with any fleet regulations. The system automatically notifies drivers of any minor or major maintenance items, especially ones that are overlooked, such as low battery. Without this system, drivers will forget to check, and this could lead to severe issues. You can also track repairs and better plan your scheduled maintenance for your truck fleet.

Immediate alerts: It’s helpful to receive live alerts and scheduled reports about your fleet from Azuga telematics. You will be alerted on anything related to vehicle maintenance, fleet health, and driver behavior. Based on your settings, you can be notified of dangerous driving behavior like speeding, idling, or hard braking. You may also schedule reports for fleet health and status.

World-class customer service: Azuga has extremely responsive representatives to help you with any issues that arise. But as a business, you may provide accurate ETA’s to your customers as well as profiles of their driver or service provider. By optimizing your routes, you can take on more clients in a day or week. This also entails deploying the nearest driver to your clients, so they get their services delivered faster. Additionally, it helps you locate technicians anytime while displaying the job site details and customer history.


When choosing a fleet tracking company, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better mix of features, innovation, customer service than Azuga. With Azuga GPS tracking, you get everything you need all in one place. Track all of your routes, and optimize them for better efficiency. But also monitor your driver’s behaviors, vehicle safety, and assets, all for a great price! Not to mention, it’s customizable to all business types and sizes. Check out Azuga to learn more about their fleet management solution.