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How to Become a Fleet Manager

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Fleet management is a rewarding job opportunity that offers many benefits. If you plan to become a fleet manager, you have quite the road ahead. It takes hard work to enter any management position, and fleet management is no exception. Luckily, there are different avenues you can take to get there, depending on your preferences. Let’s explore how you become a fleet manager and the skills needed for the job. 

What Skills Does a Fleet Manager Have?

Those looking to become fleet managers should have specific skills or be willing to develop them. We’ll discuss four of the most essential skills for fleet managers here.

  • Multitasking: Fleet managers wear a lot of different hats. You must think on your feet to handle this fast-paced environment. 
  • Adaptability: The world of fleet management is continually changing. New technology and legislation are always on the horizon, and you must be willing to absorb these changes and make the best of them for your business. 
  • Communication: Many jobs require superior communication skills, and fleet management is no exception. You must be able to choose the best methods of communication with your workers and execute them effectively. 
  • Leadership: You will be the leader of your fleet, which means you must show confidence and excellent problem-solving skills. Your team must be able to trust that you are someone to turn to when they need you.

Two Paths to Becoming a Fleet Manager

There are two ways to enter the field of fleet management, and you can pick either one depending on your preference. 

  • Academic: You can choose to get a University degree in fields that will qualify you for fleet management roles. Degrees in logistics, public administration, automotive technology, accounting, or business administration are significant assets when applying to fleet management positions. Within these fields, you should also take managerial courses whenever possible to boost your management skills. 
  • Experience: Entering the field through an apprenticeship is also a common method. You will receive on-the-spot training and earn a salary at the same time. Another option is joining a fleet at a lower level to gain an understanding of the industry. Then, you can advance through the ranks and become a fleet manager by displaying your positive working qualities. 

Fleet Management Technology That Has Your Back

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