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A Guide to Fleet Vehicle Management Systems

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If you’re a fleet manager, you’ve likely heard of vehicle fleet management systems. If you haven’t implemented a fleet management system, you’re missing out on many benefits for your business. However, picking the best fleet management system with all the features you need can be tricky. You must thoroughly research and pay close attention to pricing, features, and usability. Let’s explore what you should look for in fleet management software. 

How to Choose Your Fleet Management Software

Every fleet has different needs, and the same features won’t work for everyone. Here are some elements that any fleet should consider when choosing software:  

  • Ease of Use: You should look for a solution that’s easy to install. Also, look for something easy to use day-to-day. Both of these elements will reduce downtime as you implement the software. 
  • Integrations: Your fleet management software should integrate easily with other tools for invoicing, payroll, HR software, and more.
  • Data Insights: A fleet management solution should incorporate easy-to-interpret data. Otherwise, how will you take action on any of the information you monitor? You can obtain data about safety, vehicle location, vehicle health, maintenance needs, and more. 
  • Mobile App for Drivers: Management solutions with mobile apps immensely improve your fleet’s efficiency. You won’t have to worry about reaching out to drivers for updates.

Top Must-Have Features 

  • Fleet Tracking: Fleet tracking helps you see your fleet’s real-time location on a map. Ensure your drivers are on track and safe by catching unexpected behavior as soon as possible. This technology will significantly improve the efficiency of any fleet business. 
  • Telematics: Telematics helps you track vehicle data. This includes but also expands beyond location data. Track bad driver habits like hard braking, speeding, rapid acceleration, and swerving. You can set up alerts when these problems occur and take action immediately.
  • Asset Tracking: Asset trackers will tell you in real time where your most important assets are. You can easily see how this prevents theft. You’ll get an alert when your assets move where they shouldn’t be. Then, you can immediately alert the police, telling them exactly where it is.  
  • Maintenance Alerts: Your vehicles must be well-maintained to function properly. Fleet management software uses telematics to track your vehicles’ maintenance needs. It will send you an alert when your vehicles have any health issues that need addressing so you can act immediately. 
  • Route Optimization: Route optimization software uses algorithms and machine learning to get your drivers on the best route. It includes all their daily stops and avoids any delays. 

Azuga’s Fleet Management System Has it All

Azuga’s fleet management solution is the best in the business. Our team is made up of experts in the fleet industry. We work with fleets of all shapes and sizes to achieve their goals. Schedule a demo with us today to learn what we can do.