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What Industries Utilize Fleet Management Software?

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Fleet management software has a wide variety of uses and benefits. That’s why so many fleets take advantage of it. However, fleets come in all shapes and sizes; they may vary significantly based on their industry. For example, a construction fleet has different needs than a delivery fleet. Is fleet management software useful for everyone? We’ll explore the various industries that use fleet management software and how they use it. 

Construction Fleets

Construction fleets vary from other types of fleets, not only in their day-to-day activities but also in their assets. A service fleet likely won’t have a backhoe to keep track of. Construction fleets have so many assets to keep track of that it’s impossible without fleet management software. Of course, asset tracking prevents theft. However, it can also tell managers how these assets are being used. For example, if you have a compactor at one site that isn’t being used, you can move it to somewhere it is needed. This prevents the waste of resources and makes your fleet more efficient. 

This same concept applies to the crew. You can see on your fleet management dashboard when a site has gone idle. With that knowledge, you can redistribute your resources to ensure that work is getting done across the board. 

Delivery Fleets

A delivery fleet doesn’t have to worry about idle sites or a paver being underutilized. Delivery fleets need optimal routes and accurate location tracking as a top priority. Route optimization software is just one of the many features of the fleet management software umbrella. This technology creates a route from pickup to a destination that wastes the least fuel and time. 

Managers aren’t the only ones who want to know where their drivers are. Customers like regular updates on the status of their orders as well. Fleet management software allows you to set up alerts for the customer when drivers are close to their destination. This way, the recipient is happy and ready to accept the delivery, making the process smoother. 

Service Fleets

Service fleets encompass various industries, like plumbing, HVAC, pest control, and more. While each of these services may have different requirements, their day-to-day operations look similar. The best way that these fleets take advantage of fleet management software is through digital documents and streamlined dispatching. 

Anyone who runs a service fleet knows that you want to have a “paper trail” of all work your technicians do. However, with fleet management software, this paper trail is digitized. That makes it easy to access information when a customer asks questions or challenges an invoice. 

Furthermore, fleet management software can be used to schedule jobs in the most efficient way. Route optimization software plays a hand in this as well. You can set up jobs, so your technician isn’t driving back and forth across town. It also makes updating customers on when their work will be done easier. 

Azuga’s Fleet Management System Has It All

Fleet management isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why Azuga is customizable. You can choose the features you need and skip out on those you don’t. We have all the features mentioned in this article and much more. Our fleet management experts know your industry’s needs, no matter what it is. Reach out to an expert to discuss your goals so we can find the solution for you.