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How Does Fleet Management Improve the Logistics Process?

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The supply chain is in a tough spot and has been ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations and businesses are looking for ways to ease their processes to get goods where they need to be faster, but it has been a struggle due to delays and staffing shortages every step of the way. They rely heavily on good fleet management and technology to help them accomplish what they need to, and things may finally be looking up. With everything happening, now may be a good time to look at what exactly fleet management in logistics is and how it improves the process. 

What is Logistics?

Before we can go into more detail, we must first understand logistics. It’s a complicated process, and many organizations define the term differently. We must first establish one thing: logistics and supply chains are not the same thing. Logistics involves moving goods from Point A to Point B. The overall supply chain includes logistics but also incorporates all other distribution aspects, ranging from when goods are sourced until they reach the end consumer. The supply chain comprises elements like: 

  • Supply and demand forecasting
  • Product sourcing
  • Purchasing
  • Order processing
  • Packaging
  • Inventory control
  • Managing third-party companies and partners
  • Customer Service

The Benefits of Fleet Management on Logistics

If you don’t have good logistics, your business will see a significant hit to its bottom line. Luckily, fleet management software is always around to make this process easier and offers a vast array of benefits to automate procedures and help you move goods efficiently and consistently. These are just some benefits that fleet management software can bring to your business. 

Reduce Costs

Time is money, and this applies to logistics as well. When your logistics process runs smoothly, you’ll find that you save more money along the way. Great ways to save on costs involve: 

  • Monitoring and controlling inventory levels with asset tracking 
  • Using route optimization software to decrease journey times
  • Packaging goods to get more revenue per load
  • Optimize loading and unloading procedures

Some of these methods involve fleet management software, and some are changes to your operations, but all of them will improve your fleet’s logistics and save you time and money. 

Automate Maintenance

Only a well-maintained vehicle can consistently get your goods where they need to go. If you’re suffering from unexpected repairs and breakdowns, you’ll quickly find you’re wasting time you don’t have. A preventative maintenance plan is crucial to avoid this problem. That’s why fleet management software provides inspection reports and gives you automated notifications to let you know when you need to complete specific tasks such as: 

  • Tire rotations
  • Brake inspections
  • Servicing
  • Oil changes

If you have diagnostic trouble code software, even better! You’ll see even more significant savings because you can solve minor mechanical problems before hitting the road. 

Improve Safety

Safety is a top priority for any fleet business. With fleet management software, you’ll have access to fleet tracking that helps you plan routes and adapt to current road conditions and expected delays. You can even obtain video telematics with dashcams that tell you how your drivers are performing, reducing the likelihood of collisions. 

Ensure Compliance

Another source of wasted funds is fines paid for avoidable offenses. The Department of Transportation has requirements you must follow, including the ELD mandate and FMCSA safety scores, and having an ELD and fleet management software can help you meet these requirements. Your fleet management dashboard can help you automate processes for the following data: 

  • Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Records of Duty Status (RODS)
  • License, permit, and insurance renewals
  • Vehicle servicing

Get the Best Fleet Management Software

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