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Current Unique Challenges for Fleet Management Industry

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Almost every industry has taken a moment to reflect and needed time to adjust during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has presented every industry with a unique set of challenges to solve during the last two years. This included many office jobs switching to remote work, or many doctors offering telemedicine. 

While the men and women out driving the trucks as a part of your fleet faced their own unique set of challenges that other workers may not have experienced. 

Now that we’ve seemed to have turned the corner on the pandemic, what awaits us on the road ahead? And how can those of us in fleet management prepare for the new challenges we’ll face?

Managers and drivers alike will be among the first to tell you about the current fleet management challenges. As the pandemic seemingly winds down, here are challenges that the fleets across the country will face in a post-COVID world. 

Challenges for Small Businesses

The challenges of fleet management are especially felt by small business owners in any season, let alone during a global pandemic. Small business owners are no stranger to wearing multiple hats to keep their businesses afloat. Some decisions may have been put on hold during the pandemic to focus on other matters, but post-COVID is the time to consider what can make your business run more efficiently behind the scenes. 

As we enter a post-COVID world, take the time to consider the following, especially when considering fleet management software:

  1. What tasks did we do during the pandemic that a software solution would solve?
  2. How can we better increase communication between our fleet and management?
  3. How can we alleviate some back-office tasks but still perform them efficiently?

Challenges by Industry

As mentioned earlier, every industry has faced its own challenges during the pandemic. For many industries, this also included supply shortages and delivery delays. Not only is it frustrating for you and your business, but it’s also frustrating for the people you serve as well. 

Our software solutions help fleets in the construction, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing industry, among many others. These are industries that, in particular, will be the first to tell you how even the smallest parts can have the longest wait times. 

Depending on your industry, these supply chain issues may or may not have affected your fleet during the pandemic. While each of these supply chain issues is being ironed out, your team must always focus on communicating and interacting with each other effectively and efficiently. 

It’s not a solution for a missing part, but GPS Fleet Tracking does help make it so your team can effectively track where your drivers and equipment currently is. Communication can help alleviate some of the issues felt by delays and makes it so the places you serve know you are doing the most you can to get them the service they need.

The industry is currently facing nine challenges:

  1. Driver shortages
  2. Fuel costs
  3. Environmental controls
  4. Rising popularity of electric vehicles
  5. Route optimization
  6. Driver behavior
  7. Autonomous vehicles
  8. Security
  9. Vehicle maintenance

Hiring Top Talent

Hiring is a concern for any business. As we enter the post-COVID world, many people have reevaluated what profession they want to pursue to make a living, causing some to leave truck driving and others to start their truck driving career journey. 

As a fleet business owner, one of the most critical aspects of your company is making sure you have drivers that are good at and enjoy what they do. This has been true before the pandemic and will continue to be a major fleet management challenge. Keeping your drivers happy helps with employee retention and ensures your fleet can service your area effectively. 

One way to help boost your truck driver morale is to consider incentive programs that recognize your team and their commitment to safe driving. Programs like this acknowledge drivers for their stellar performance by giving them a reward that they’ll actually enjoy, a gift card to a popular store or restaurant of their choice. Incentives like these help entice new and seasoned drivers to join your fleet and help them see that they are a valued member of your team.

Plan for Accidents

While your truck drivers might have still been out on the road during the pandemic, many others weren’t. As the pandemic is waning, more and more people are headed out of their homes and going back into the office, grabbing dinner at a local restaurant, or catching up on long-postponed road trips. 

More people out on the road means a higher likelihood of accidents. Fleet managers know all too well that accidents can and will happen, and as a company, you should be prepared. Ensuring your insurance is in place and your drivers are equipped with Dashcams helps promote driver safety in an emergency. Plus, there are training programs you can add to help teach your team the importance of safety procedures while out on the road. Safety should always be a priority for your fleet, as more people will be out on the road after staying home, it is more crucial than ever to make sure your drivers are supported in case of an emergency r.

Setting Your Fleet Up For Success 

During the challenges COVID-19 presented to your business, your team has proven their commitment and ability to overcome obstacles during difficult times. While the post-COVID world will continue to present fleet management challenges, with the right tools and the right team, you're sure to overcome those as well. 

Want to learn more about how the right software solution can help your team be successful, even when challenges are thrown your way?

Azuga has offered solutions for fleet management since 2013 and has been a trusted partner of many fleets. During the pandemic, we helped many fleets navigate and communicate effectively, and we know our software solutions will continue to do so. Plus, we offer solutions that cater to various company sizes and across a variety of industries. 

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