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Fleet Management Analytics and Protecting Your Assets

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Analytics is vital to the productivity and success of any fleet. Fleet management analytics provides data on everything from vehicle health to asset tracking. These analytics can help businesses be more productive and even save money down the road. What types of fleet management analytics exist, and how do they benefit businesses? 

Vehicle Health 

One essential part of a fleet is its vehicles. Therefore, it’s critical to take the best care of them possible. Fleet managers can do this by tracking vehicle health using telematics. Telematics can track data such as engine status, excessive idling, and fuel use and send it right to the manager’s fleet management software. 

Also, with fleet management systems like Azuga, drivers enter pre- and post-trip inspection findings right into the app. The Azuga app then sends the data straight to the fleet management system so managers know what is happening with their vehicles at all times. They can track any issues drivers report on these inspections and even schedule maintenance right from their screens. 

Scheduled maintenance is also a benefit of setting up telematics and fleet management software through Azuga. Managers can set up maintenance alerts on each vehicle so they never miss routine maintenance checkups. Maintenance alerts help to ensure that vehicles last their entire lifetimes without excessive time-consuming breakdowns or costly repairs. 

Fleet managers can significantly keep track of and increase vehicle health by setting up telematics and maintenance alerts with Azuga. Vehicles are the lifeblood of any fleet operation and need to be taken care of so that everything runs smoothly for the business. 

Asset Tracking

Large assets are another major factor in many fleet businesses. In the past, fleet managers would track their assets with pen and paper, but this allows for costly and frustrating errors. Luckily, fleet tracking options provide data analytics for assets so managers can better handle their assets. 

With GPS asset tracking, managers can always see where their assets are in real-time. Of course, this helps prevent theft and misuse of the assets, but there are more uses. One way asset tracking is helpful is that managers can always tell what assets they have on hand, so when they are ready to buy something new, they can make sure that they do not already have that item in their warehouse. Duplicate buying is a massive drain on businesses, and it’s great to be able to avoid it so easily. 

Another way that asset tracking is helpful is that managers can view how assets are being allocated. Fleet management software can create reports that show which assets are being used to their fullest potential and which ones are not. Assets that are just gathering dust take up the space that something useful could be occupying, so it is crucial to eliminate that wasteful item right away to optimize space.

Azuga offers both long life asset trackers and rechargeable asset trackers for various assets in any fleet. If you’re still using pen and paper to track your assets, check out Azuga’s solutions today. 


Safety is the top priority of any fleet manager, and finding ways to keep drivers and equipment safe is one of the constant challenges of the job. Of course, driver safety is essential for many reasons. Besides obviously wanting to protect drivers from harm, accidents can cost thousands of dollars, to begin with, and even more if there are injuries. Fleets must take damaged vehicles out of commission until they can be repaired or replaced, making a significant dent in productivity. Drivers who are injured cannot work until they are recovered, slowing procedures down even further. 

Luckily, fleet management analytics can even help keep drivers and vehicles safe! Telematics tracks information like vehicle speed, driver distractions, and unsafe driving behaviors like hard braking or rapid acceleration. The system then sends this information to the fleet manager who can decide to implement in-cab coaching or determine if the driver is fit to continue on their route.

Azuga has safety programs such as driver rewards that encourage drivers to exhibit positive behaviors behind the wheel, ensuring the safety of both the driver and the vehicle. It is vital to both the company’s operations and its reputation that drivers do their best to drive safely at all times, and Azuga’s gamification encourages that. 


Fleet management analytics can make an array of positive contributions to any fleet. It is vital to any manager looking to increase the productivity and safety of both drivers and assets. Azuga has various tools to help managers get started with analytics, from fleet management software to asset trackers. Reach out to the experts at Azuga today to get started!