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A Guide to Fleet Maintenance Software

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If you’ve been manually managing your fleet’s maintenance needs, you’re likely being run ragged by all the paperwork and tedium. Many fleet managers struggle with the time and energy requirements of tracking fleet maintenance, which is why they turn to fleet maintenance software for assistance. This software makes it easy to keep up with regular maintenance checks while reducing your fleet’s paperwork and downtime. With so many fleet maintenance tracking solutions out there, how do you know what’s best to choose? Let this guide help you make your decision. 

Elements to Look For in Fleet Maintenance Software

When using maintenance software, your top goal is to make informed decisions to increase your fleet’s performance. Therefore, the software you choose should have the proper insights, tools, and structure to make this possible. Let’s break down how fleet maintenance software can support you and your business.

Promote Preventative Maintenance

If you’re waiting until a part breaks to perform service on a vehicle, you’re doing your fleet a disservice. Fleet maintenance issues are notorious for delaying your deliveries or projects and costing a pretty penny. With fleet maintenance software, you can catch maintenance issues before they become time-consuming and costly. You may even be able to prevent some problems from happening in the first place. 

How exactly does fleet maintenance software work? Fleet management software tracks the miles your vehicles have traveled and sends an alert once a vehicle hits a specific threshold. Doing regularly scheduled maintenance will keep your vehicles in their top working condition, saving you and your fleet significant headaches. 

Minimize Downtime

Surprise maintenance will always hit your business with unexpected downtime. This downtime can increase job times, delay deliveries, and add up quickly in cost. With fleet maintenance software and preventative maintenance, you can plan your maintenance around your schedule. You can easily manage these schedules within your dashboard based on odometer readings, engine hours, or other fixed timeframes. 

It’s also much easier to see what problems frequently arise within your fleet so you can be prepared. For example, you can keep parts on hand that you often need so they’re ready when it’s time for maintenance. 

Reduce Paperwork

Of course, you’ll always have to deal with some paperwork as a fleet manager, but with fleet maintenance software, you can significantly reduce your workload. This technology digitizes the maintenance process, so you can bring everything you need to one location. With this ability, you’ll find it easier to organize maintenance schedules and keep records of your fleet’s needs. Ensure that your maintenance software can link with your pre- and post-trip inspections. This way, it is much quicker to pinpoint issues and schedule maintenance when needed. 

Streamline the Maintenance Process

This is the most significant benefit of fleet maintenance software. Your maintenance process will become systematic and easy to navigate. You’ll have access to your vehicles’ history, the cost of their maintenance, and information on each of their repairs. You’ll have maintenance schedules, automated reminders, and digitized records to help you along the way. 

How to Find Fleet Maintenance Software

Don’t settle for the first or cheapest maintenance solution you come across. Weigh at least three different options to determine what the standard features are and what stands out. Always do a demo of the product before you select your software provider. Consider how extensive the onboarding process will be. Make sure implementing new fleet maintenance software won’t hinder your business’s progress. 

A Comprehensive Fleet Maintenance Solution

Azuga works with fleets of all shapes and sizes to meet their maintenance, safety, efficiency, and cost savings goals. Fleet maintenance is just one of our many specialties. Check out a demo of our products with one of our experts to see what we’re all about!