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What Is Geofencing and What Are Its Benefits?

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If your fleet is using fleet tracking already, you’re already most of the way to a fully-efficient fleet management experience. However, fleet tracking has so many benefits that you may be missing out on some of its features if you’re not careful. Geofencing is one of the many advantages of fleet tracking that many businesses miss. If you’re not using geofencing, it’s not too late to learn about it and how it can help your fleet. Let’s break down what geofencing is and the benefits of geofencing now. 

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a fleet-tracking tool that allows managers to track assets and vehicles in real-time by enacting a virtual perimeter around specified locations. These boundaries are easy to create; you simply draw them directly on a map! Then, managers can set up what the geofence does whenever vehicles or assets enter or exit these perimeters. They can coordinate with asset trackers using an “if this, then that” command, meaning, if an event occurs, such as a vehicle exiting the geofence, a specific response occurs, like the fleet manager receiving an alert. 

The Benefits of Geofencing

No. 1: Easier Tracking of Vehicles

Geofencing is optimal for tracking vehicles. You can set perimeters around a vehicle’s destination, rest areas, loading areas, or other places and check that your fleet is on track throughout the day. You won’t need to call drivers asking for an ETA; any information you need is easy to access directly from your fleet management system. Nobody wants to be a micromanager, so ease that burden on yourself and focus on other tasks. 

No. 2: Fewer Instances of Theft

So many fleets have to deal with theft regularly, and preventing it is a considerable challenge for any business. If you have an asset in storage for a long time, you may not know when it disappears for a while. Luckily, asset trackers and geofences can eliminate this problem. You can set them up so that you receive an alert whenever your assets leave your designated perimeter. This means you can immediately alert law enforcement and tell them exactly where that vehicle is. Recovering stolen assets becomes easier than ever, and you likely won’t fall victim to thieves again. 

No. 3: Decreased Downtime

Whenever a vehicle needs repairs, your fleet suffers downtime. Downtime is a significant drain on your fleet’s resources and should be avoided whenever possible. Of course, geofencing doesn’t affect your vehicles’ maintenance, but it can impact their time in the shop. Set a geofence around your shop to be alerted as soon as a vehicle is out of the garage. This means you can get it back on the road as quickly as possible and get the most use out of your assets. 

No. 4: Improved Customer Service

Any business knows that customer service is critical to staying afloat. Customers want to be in the loop as much as possible. When your fleet can provide delivery notifications and status updates, it is an immense benefit that they will appreciate. This means they can receive alerts when packages are on their way, and these times are more accurate because the system utilizes real-time GPS tracking. Also, fleet managers know that their drivers are meeting delivery objectives, so customers receive a positive experience every time. 

Set Up Geofencing Today!

You can see that geofencing can benefit any fleet, so why not take advantage? Get the best fleet tracking software when you partner with Azuga. We serve various industries and can help your fleet accomplish its goals. Set up a demo with one of our experts and see what we can do together!