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What Features Does Fleet Dispatch Software Have?

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Fleet dispatch software is the thing for you if you want to organize your dispatch process and keep operations streamlined. This tool offers a variety of features that simplify daily procedures, from fleet tracking to reports that help businesses make decisions. What are some of these dispatch software features, and how do these features benefit fleets? Let’s explore this software solution in detail. 

Easily Manage Jobs

Fleet tracking makes assigning and monitoring jobs a breeze. You can assign jobs to crews in the field, and if you need a lead technician for a job, it’s simple to attach that lead tech to any job you need. Organize jobs even further based on their status, whether they’re one-time, recurring, multi-day, or based on urgency. 

Workers have a part in this process as well. When they’ve completed a job, they can mark the job as finished on their end. This way, you can know when each job concludes and when your technician moves on to their next task. 

Improved Communication

You’ll no longer have to worry about endless games of phone tag with your technicians. Use your dispatch software to input the job you want your technicians to handle. Then, your technicians access it from their phones or tablets and know what to do. When done, they can mark it complete and view their next job immediately. In their app, they can keep track of their time, update their schedules, and input notes all while on the go. All the information you need will be on your screen when you need to know it; no need to track the data down. 

Boost Customer Service

Your customer service reputation is vital to your business’s success, and dispatch software can improve this reputation in various ways. Firstly, with GPS tracking, you can implement route optimization software, which gets your technicians to their destinations quickly and efficiently. Your customers will no longer have to wait on late technicians. Then, dispatch software allows you to assign technicians to customers they already know, building an improved relationship with your business. And with all of your customer information in one place, it’s easy to respond to disputes and issues promptly and with a personal touch. 

All your client and order information is available in a field service CRM that details everything you need to know about your customers and the jobs you’ve done for them. 

Get the Best Dispatch Software 

Azuga offers state-of-the-art dispatch software that your business is sure to benefit from every single day. These benefits will improve your fleet’s daily operations, boost customer service, and maximize productivity among your workers. These features bring your fleet to its maximum potential, allowing you to focus on making important decisions to help the business grow and thrive. Find out everything you can do with dispatch software by trying out a free demo today. You’re certain to be impressed with the improvements.