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Fleet-Based 24x7x365 Customer Service: a Shining Example

July 5, 2018

Over the last couple of decades, Horizon Lighting has helped build some of the most prestigious HOAs and park areas across California, working with premier home builders and landscape companies. It offers custom tailored lighting maintenance contracts across Southern California and the San Francisco/Bay Area for commercial properties, HOAs, and retail shopping centers.

As a family business with three generations of lighting and electrical experience, Horizon Lighting takes pride in their quality of service, and are available 24x7x365 with a response time of 2 hours or less. Towards maintaining its service standards and for operational efficiency, it has deployed Fleet Tracking on its entire fleet of 80 vehicles.

“We are Apple Mac users. We are impressed by Azuga’s ease of use compared to other systems we’ve seen. Their focus on driver scores and safety really stands out, and so does their customer service”
Casey Van Der Linden, Fleet Manager, Horizon Lighting Inc

Braking and acceleration behaviors have remained consistently low with less than 10% of drivers having ‘Poor’ scores in most months.

Horizon Lighting began using Azuga in March 2016 as a pilot with 10 units. Seeing the value provided by Azuga’s features and services to help improve driving behavior and operational efficiency, Horizon began deploying Azuga’s units on all of their 80 vehicles from Nov 2016. More than half the fleet comprises Chevys and a third are Fords.

A reduction in instances of speeding directly translates into a higher Fleet Safety Score. Speeding behavior in the Horizon fleet has improved over the past year with the number of ‘Poor’ drivers reducing from 10% in May 2017 to 5% in April 2018.

Idling has shown a gradual decrease over the past year from 40% in May-Jul 2017 to 35% in Feb 2018.

Horizon Lighting provides a shining example of how a business can use fleet tracking to power efficient customer service in a safe, fuel-efficient way.