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How Augmented Reality Can Help Fleets

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We often speak on this blog about the latest in fleet technology. While we’ve taken a significant focus on autonomous vehicles, another technology often falls by the wayside: augmented reality. And while autonomous vehicles are far ahead, augmented reality may see widespread use in the next five years. Let’s talk about what augmented reality is, how it applies to fleets, and what’s so exciting about it!

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality, or AR, overlays a virtual image over your real-world view. This typically works through a camera and some type of screen. First, the AR program receives a view of the reality it needs to alter. Then, it can superimpose any image on top of that reality. This process creates a composite that is part reality, part virtual. You’ll see this computer-generated composite on a screen, giving you an augmented view. 

How Is AR Being Used in Cars?

It may be challenging to immediately see how this can be useful in vehicles. Right now, AR is being used mainly for navigational purposes.

Two brands are currently taking advantage of the technology: Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes is using the technology for navigational purposes. It can superimpose directional arrows, street names, and other helpful navigational aids to help drivers get where they want to go. Drivers can view this information on their navigation screen.

However, Audi goes even further. Audi’s AR technology displays navigational information across the driver’s windshield. This technology represents a full AR experience. Overlaying helpful information over the windscreen is as close to augmenting our actual view as we can get behind the wheel. 

What is the Future of AR?

Navigation is only the beginning of what AR can accomplish in the future. AR and camera technology continue to advance;  we will likely see Audi’s system advance and other manufacturers follow suit. Perhaps someday there will be an AR system that can detect unusual driving behaviors from other drivers. An AR system could also see potholes and other imperfections in the road and help you avoid them. AR could become another tech solution to help keep us safe on the road. 

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Technology

At Azuga, we aim to help your fleet stay ahead of the technology game. This means informing you of the latest advancements and equipping your fleet with the best tech possible. Our state-of-the-art fleet management solution supports you in all aspects of fleet management, from dispatch to billing. Reach out to an expert by scheduling a demo today! 

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