Field Service Management: Tools to Enhance Driver Safety

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A large component of today’s telematics solutions focuses on protecting and improving drivers’ safety. The components of fleet tracking systems have become essential tools to both field service businesses and drivers.  Fleet tracking systems turn telematics into information that can be acted upon to improve drivers’ safety.  Every day, new and innovative technologies become available that drive enhancements.  The use of dashcams and monitoring systems that record cell phone use and speed limit maintenance are a few of those safety enhancement tools being used today. Coupled with real-time feedback and rewards systems, and these technologies can become a real win for everyone involved.

2-Way Dashcam

We’ve all been there. Out of nowhere, a stranger runs the red light and suddenly you find yourself on the receiving end of a costly crash. The only thing that could make this worse is if the fault of the accident comes into question. A tool available within the fleet service management arsenal is the dashcam. With two-way dashcam monitoring, you capture the front-facing road events as well as the in-vehicle actions of your driver. Eliminate the question of who is at fault and see the real-time reaction of your driver. You will have a clear picture of what has happened at the time when it matters most. Having this information can protect your driver and your business. Aside from its obvious benefit in an accident, dashcam monitoring can provide information about the routine actions of your drivers, too. You can monitor risky driving behavior or reward efficient and safe driving. You’ll have the ability to provide feedback using actual driving examples.

Cell Phone Monitoring

There’s is no question that distracted driving can be dangerous and costly. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, (NHTSA), states that distracted driving is a factor in injuries caused to more than 1000 people every day in the US. More and more states are addressing the problem by enacting laws that prohibit hands-on cell phone use in an effort to impact safety on the road. You can impact your drivers’ safety utilizing monitoring systems that identify and record cell phone behavior. This tool can monitor outbound calls placed, incoming calls received, and missed calls that come to the phone while the vehicle is in motion. You get a clear picture of how the phone is being used while your employee is driving. This gives you an opportunity to take proactive measures to reduce risky driving behavior and improve the safety of your driver and everyone on the road around them.

Speed Limit Monitoring

Speeding is another behavior that puts the safety of your driver at risk. In a statistic offered by the NHTSA, speeding is the number one cause of fatal accidents in the US. It only makes sense to monitor and provide coaching to drivers who consistently break the speed limit.  This monitoring is a tool that provides the when, where, and under what conditions that speeding is occurring. It literally compares the driver’s speed against the posted speed. The information is logged and available to reference when discussing it with your drivers.  Imagine what an impact this field management tool can make to enhance safety!

Real Time Feedback and Rewards

Another option available within the fleet service management tools is programs that allow real-time feedback and rewards. Technology makes it possible to continuously evaluate performance behind the wheel.  Utilizing data from which procedures your drivers do well with and which habits need improvement will give each employee an assigned score. Scores can be made visible to all the drivers in your fleet, leading to friendly competition. These scores can also be tied to rewards — each a specific score and receive a reward. Making safety something that is fun and competitive is truly a win for everyone.

Online Video Coaching

Online video coaching is yet another way to reinforce safer driving practices. Drivers can watch instructional videos that review principles of road safety, such as defensive driving techniques.  Common practices such as rapid acceleration and hard braking can be reviewed, and their impact on safety made known. Online video coaching is like having a driving school available in your office. Video review can become an integral part of safety education for every driver in the fleet.

Obviously, the variety of fleet management tools available focused on enhancing driver safety continues to grow.  Advances in technology and availability make these tools and products ever more readily available. Using these tools makes a difference to your drivers and impacts your overall productivity and efficiency. With a focus on driver safety, you are protecting your company’s most valuable assets. 

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