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What Features to Look for In Driver Management Software

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Driver management software is one essential tool in a fleet manager’s pocket. Nobody wants to micromanage their drivers, but you do need to know what your drivers are doing to manage them properly. Driver management software uses telematics, reports, and other technology to inform you about driver behaviors, allowing you to make knowledgeable decisions about their management. It actually allows for a more hands-off approach since you do not have to call or text your drivers to check in on them throughout the day. There are many driver management software options available, and it’s important to pick the right one. We will go over the features you should seek out in the best driver management software. 

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking is useless if it’s not up to date. You need an easy-to-install GPS tracking system that works in real-time, so you always know where your vehicles are at any given moment. Fleet tracking comes with a variety of benefits, which we will break down. 

Route Optimization: Route optimization gets your drivers to their destination on the fastest route available, using as little fuel as possible, regardless of how many stops there are along the way. This technology uses machine learning and algorithms combined with real-time fleet tracking to ensure that your vehicles avoid roadblocks, construction, traffic jams, and other delays that will slow down your business’s productivity and hurt your customer satisfaction ratings. 

Delivery Updates: It’s possible to update customers when their deliveries or services are about to arrive with fleet tracking. Nobody likes waiting around with no communication. Your customers will appreciate knowing when drivers are on the way. 

Prevent Theft: Fleet theft is a serious problem that afflicts fleets everywhere. With fleet tracking, you can set up a geofence. A geofence is a digital perimeter that outlines any geographic area. If your vehicle passes through this perimeter, you’ll receive an alert and immediately know that it’s on the move. When you contact the authorities, you can tell them exactly where your vehicle is, increasing the likelihood of recovery. 

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority of any fleet manager. It is integral to a fleet’s productivity, reputation, and employee retention. Make sure your employees are safe by ensuring your driver management software has the best safety features. Here are some components to look for in your driver management software: 

Dashcams: Dashcams are vital to a fleet’s safety plan. You don’t want a dashcam that only records a road. Invest in a dashcam that records both the driver and the road while integrating with your driver management software to provide information regarding driver behavior. AI dashcams can track signs of distracted driving, such as talking on the phone, eating, or yawning, then alert managers to  intervene before an accident happens. 

Driver Rewards: A list of safety regulations and rules means nothing if your drivers aren’t encouraged and motivated to follow them. Make it fun and exciting to be a safe driver with a driver rewards system. These programs improve morale and, most importantly, increase safe behavior among drivers. 

Targeted Coaching: It’s essential that your drivers receive constant training and refreshers to keep safety information fresh in their minds, but it won’t do any good if you’re just rehashing the same irrelevant lessons. Targeted coaching programs can obtain data from driver management software and tailor training specifically to your drivers’ needs, making it helpful and relevant, ensuring they are getting the necessary training to be safe on the road. 

Enjoy These Features All in One Package! 

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