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How to Keep Track of Equipment Inventory

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If you have a lot of equipment inventory in your fleet, you may struggle to manage it all, especially if you’re trying to do it manually. You need a real-time way to monitor your assets to give yourself the most visibility into their use and communication with your team. You no longer need all of the calendars and paperwork to handle this workload. Take advantage of equipment management software to streamline this process and create an equipment inventory management plan. This solution will house your equipment details in a single, organized, accessible database that allows you to easily track and manage equipment inventory and assignments, boosting your fleet’s productivity and accountability. Let’s review how to keep track of equipment inventory with the best tools possible. 

Track and Manage Equipment Assignments

If you’ve ever lost track of your equipment inventory in the past, you know how frustrating it can be. When you don’t have a proper equipment inventory management plan, you’ll find that this problem crops up more often than you’d hope and halts your productivity. 

This is why it’s recommended to assign your equipment to individual operators. It’s a simple way to monitor equipment and promote accountability. With equipment inventory management software, you can work out the schedules and people assigned to the equipment you designate, all from your desk or remote location. And never worry about any confusion with your employees. They’ll always know what to do because their mobile app will keep them updated. 

Scan Equipment with Mobile App

You may have noticed the increasing popularity of QR codes in our daily lives. This can also apply to your equipment monitoring. While you can still use the old barcode method, the hardware is not always cost-accessible and does not provide as much insight. Meanwhile, a QR code can be scanned from a mobile device to view equipment details, check out a piece of equipment, or inspect it. This provides far more insight and lends itself to more accountability than other equipment management solutions. 

Automate Inventory Counts

Do you know your exact inventory count? Even if you believe you do, can you confirm it? Many fleet managers unfortunately find that their equipment counts are not as accurate as they thought. When you’re handling your equipment management on paper, you often end up with outdated or inaccurate information. Software eliminates this issue by giving you accurate, up-to-date data. It can provide equipment details like value, status, and location in one streamlined system. Of course, you should always compare the amount of inventory on your floor with your physical counts, but your counts are far more likely to be accurate with an inventory management solution. 

Asset Trackers

Asset trackers are another necessity for keeping up with your inventory. These trackers will tell you where your inventory is at any given time, so you never have to worry about losing it again. You can even set up a geofence, a virtual perimeter, and determine what should happen when your asset exits that perimeter. For example, you can receive an alert if your asset travels outside your warehouse after a specific time. Asset trackers prevent theft and improper use of your equipment without constant monitoring.